Will AI Revolutionise Horse Racing Betting?

Will AI Revolutionise Horse Racing Betting?


Will AI Revolutionise Horse Racing Betting?


Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. Millions of people tune in on a daily basis to watch and bet on events across the globe. Although the goal of races is quite simple, in that the horse that crosses the line first wins the race, there are nuances to the sport.

From an outsiders’ perspective, the differences between disciplines are quite simple. In terms of flat and jumps racing, one has obstacles to clear and the other does not. However, there is a whole lot more when it comes to betting on horse racing that you need to know about the respective disciplines.

Flat Racing

Flat racing is all about the speed of the horse. Flat races are often contested over relatively short distances such as six to seven furlongs. Therefore, you’re going to want to select a horse that has the speed to beat out its competitors for the win. It might even be lacking in other areas, but for a race that requires an out-and-out pace on the track, speed is the key. A good stride is also important, allowing the horse to use up less energy and impact through their legs.

If the horse takes fewer strides then there is likely to be more in the tank in the closing stretches of races. Those minute differences can make a significant impact on the result. Expert bettors will look into the pedigree of racehorses. For example, the legendary Frankel has sired a great number of horses over recent years after his retirement in 2012 as noted by https://www.thesportsman.com. If you can trace horseback to Frankel, you know that it comes from good stock, to say the least.

Jumps Racing

Jumps racing requires different attributes, although speed is still quite essential. Your horse has to be a good jumper otherwise you’re on the road to nowhere as a bettor. If they can clear obstacles with ease, it’s a good start, but there are also other key factors required to be an outstanding jumps horse. These competitors race over a distance of over two miles, and over four miles in the case of the Grand National. Therefore, your horse needs to have the stamina to outlast its opponents, while maintaining its speed and composure over the obstacles.

The National Hunt takes place during the winter months and into early spring, so the weather will not be the best. The ground can vary greatly over the course of the jumps season, with the soft ground after heavy rain and hard with a frost. Adaptability is perhaps one of the most important attributes for a jumps horse to possess. To quote a famous movie ‘you never what you’re going to get when it comes to the quality of the ground in the National Hunt.

How Can You Decipher These Attributes?

People with a longstanding interest in horse racing and horses themselves will have a sense of the leading charges to bet on. But, what about those casual fans who enjoy a flutter on the races? Artificial intelligence programs such as https://beth.bet/ have taken significant steps forward in analyzing all the data regarding horse racing to aid your quest to find race winners. Algorithms are utilized to break down pedigree, form, weather, and ground among other factors to determine which horses will come out on top.

You will never convince an old hand at racing that technology is the way forward. Horse racing at its finest is unpredictable. We’ve all seen rank outsiders win at the Grand National and The Derby as noted in our coverage at https://thesportsdaily.com/category/racing/. However, for accumulators that can take bias out of the equation for normal race meets, they could be the way forward. Certainly, casual bettors will be taking a great interest in its development. Analytical tools are being deployed in all facets of life, including the stock market and other financial institutions. Betting might be the next frontier.

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