The Monday Bulletin

The Monday Bulletin


The Monday Bulletin



A quick snapshot at the week that was.

Biggest Upset: Clay Collard over Anthony Pettis/Marcin Held over Natan Schulte: +350

Notable New Champions:

  • UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion: Rose Namajunas
  • Krush Welterweight Champion: Riki Matsuoka
  • Krush Women’s Flyweight Champion: Kotomi
  • Submission Underground Tag Team Championship: Team SAC (Cris Lencioni/Owen Papworth)
  • Commonwealth Middleweight Champion: Felix Cash
  • BBBofC British Middleweight Champion: Felix Cash
  • WBO Global Light Heavyweight Champion: Callum Johnson
  • WBO Global Flyweight Champion: Jackson Chauke
  • WBA International Lightweight Champion: Artem Harutyunyan


Going Forward:

  1. Irony, in the Worst Way: December 28, 2013. In their UFC Middleweight title rematch, Chris Weidman checks an Anderson Silva kick and calamity occurs, as Silva shatters his league in one of the most gruesome visages in combat sports history. April 24, 2021, history, to the absolutely most unfortunate level, repeats itself to Weidman, but in the worst way.
  2. A Nightmare For The Welterweight Division: In a finish I don’t think any of us saw coming, The Nigerian Nightmare, Kamaru Usman threw an absolutely supercharged right hand into Jorge Masvidal’s jaw, turning his head and sending him down the canvas, besting the Baddest Motherfucker in the violence department.
  3. Welcome Back: Is it too soon? Maybe. Will there be consequences? Perhaps. But goddamned, was it great watching a UFC Pay-Per-View in front of a sold-out audience. Jake Paul chants aside, they were raucous from the prelims through the main event, giving the entire event the big-fight feel it deserved. You could just see it on the fighters’ faces how much they enjoyed it, and responded in kind.

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