Anger In The Wind

Anger In The Wind


Anger In The Wind


I mean, this was a true “only the Mets” loss.

First off, to lose a game where the two runs you give up were on a strikeout is just numbing. Marcus Stroman and the bullpen pitched well. But because James McCann couldn’t catch a Stroman pitch to strike out the opposing pitcher in the second inning is just disgusting, especially when you go 1-for-14 with runners on scoring position and you can’t capitalize on a rally against the likes of Chase Anderson.

But then to have to deal with the dickishness of Jose Alvarado, who was apparently so butt hurt over Dom Smith yelling at him because he threw at Michael Conforto’s head last week, is quite another thing. Look, Smith needed to get a hit in that spot, especially since Alvarado was throwing him fastballs, which Dom loves, to strike him out. But then Alvarado has to act like an asshole and challenge Dom to a fight? So when Genesis Cabrera faces the Phillies again he can challenge Bryce Harper to a fight, right?

Now yes, I think somebody should have popped Alvarado one and shut him up. But there are consequences to starting brawls now that didn’t exist in 1986. So I get it. But you know what I’d settle for? I’d settle for Jeff McNeil not sharing a laugh with Rhys Hoskins after Hoskins got all whiny when Miguel Castro throwing two pitches inside on him that were clearly … CLEARLY … running sinkers that move like the rest of Castro’s pitches. I mean, can Hoskins whine any more than he already did when Jacob Rhame hit him in the back?

Apr 30, 2021; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor (12) and third baseman J.D. Davis (28) chase down Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Rhys Hoskins (17) during the eighth inning at Citizens Bank Park. Mandatory Credit: Kam Nedd-USA TODAY Sports

And can McNeil not share a laugh with him??? I’d settle for that before we talk about fights. The Phillies scribes are getting ready to write how Hoskins is the greatest warrior in the history of Philadelphia since Jason Kelce and Rocky Balboa, and you’re sharing a laugh with him? Dude!!!

But I loved the 25-year-old version of Ron Darling making an appearance and saying that somebody should have taken care of Alvarado. He’s right. But we have bigger problems. We can’t get revenge the right way, which is hitting the crap out of that horrible bullpen, and Stroman has a tight hamstring. Oh, and J.D. Davis chooses to get Hoskins in a rundown for the third out instead of throwing to first base so he’s scared of the yips. Great.

I’m so happy April is over. And it feels good to truly hate the Phillies again.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Jose Alvarado
  2. Rhys Hoskins
  3. Edubray Ramos
  4. Larry Bowa
  5. Larry Andersen
  6. Chase Utley
  7. Shane Victorino
  8. Jimmy Rollins
  9. Brett Myers
  10. Von Hayes
  11. J.T. Realmuto
  12. Donovan McNabb
  13. Bobby Clarke
  14. Ron Hextall
  15. Mike Schmidt
  16. Pete Rose
  17. Wilbur Montgomery
  18. Ron Jaworski
  19. Chase Anderson
  20. Hersey Hawkins
  21. Joel Embiid
  22. Scott Rolen
  23. Carlos Ruiz
  24. Cliff Lee
  25. Scott Kingery
  26. Mike Lieberthal
  27. Jim Bunning
  28. Bobby Wine
  29. Ruben Amaro
  30. Ruben Amaro Jr.
  31. Johnny Callison
  32. Charlie Manuel
  33. Mickey Morandini
  34. Ben Franklin
  35. Ryan Howard
  36. Pedro Feliz
  37. Raul Ibanez
  38. Jayson Werth
  39. Ben Francisco
  40. Enrique Hernandez
  41. Shane Victorino again
  42. Matt Stairs
  43. Chris Coste
  44. Clarence Weatherspoon
  45. Nick Foles
  46. Danny Bonaduce
  47. Bill Cosby
  48. Kevin Hart
  49. Sal Fasano
  50. M. Night Shyamalan


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