Eagles reap 9 solid prospects in 2021 Draft, and AFRA wins 15th annual MACH-10

Eagles reap 9 solid prospects in 2021 Draft, and AFRA wins 15th annual MACH-10


Eagles reap 9 solid prospects in 2021 Draft, and AFRA wins 15th annual MACH-10


Overall it was a solid value harvest with a consensus grade of B+ among the media guys who cover the team.  The Eagles flew through the Lightning Rounds 4 through 7 and came up with developmental talent at corner, edge rusher, running back and linebacker.

Plus, Howie Roseman managed to trade two extra late-round picks (#225 and #240) to Washington for a 2022 5th round pick.  Smart.

And, some quality UDFA prospects are being signed as we speak.

Here is a scorecard recap of the complete draft:

1 (10) – DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama

2 (37) – Landon Dickerson, C, Alabama

3 (73) – Milton Williams, DT, Louisiana Tech

4 (123) – Zech McPhearson, CB, Texas Tech

5 (150) – Kenneth Gainwell, RB, Memphis

6 (189) – Marlon Tuipulotu, DT, USC

6 (191) – Tarron Jackson, DE, Coastal Carolina

6 (224) – JaCoby Stevens, LB, LSU

7 (234) – Patrick Johnson, LB, Tulane

McPhearson looks like a keeper in the Cover 2 Zone the new coaches want to run on defense.  Gainwell gives you a potential pass-catcher out of the backfield.  Tuipulotu is rotational help for the D-Line.  Jackson will compete for a defensive end role as well as special teams.  Stevens is a safety/linebacker hybrid who will get plenty of opportunity to compete for playing time.  Johnson is intriguing as a situational pass rusher.

The UDFA signings are still rolling in, but here’s what we know so far:

Nebraska TE Jack Stroll

Indiana C Harry Crider (Rookie minicamp tryout?)

Iowa State DE Jaquan Bailey

Georgia QB Jamie Newman

Texas A&M Jhamon Ausbon

Florida WR Trevon Grimes

The Green Jacket for the 15th annual MACH 10 Draft Challenge goes to veteran poster AFRA, who was the only one among dozens of ballots to nail two (2) correct picks.  AFRA had Landon Dickerson and Kenneth Gainwell on his ballot.  Nobody else had more than one correct pick.

This is AFRA’s third MACH 10 victory, which puts him in G.O.A.T. territory around here in terms of championship rings:

2007…..M. Fanny Harris
2008…..Leo Pizzini
2009…..M. Fanny Harris
2010…..GK Brizer
2011…..The Great JB99
2013…..Don Pardo
2014…..Kenny Kenemeka
2019…..Palm Feathers
2021….. AFRA

Well done, AFRA, and thanks to all for participating… it’s the toughest draft challenge ever devised and it amazes me every year at how difficult it is to read the minds of Eagles scouts and F.O. when it comes to the Draft.


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