RECAP 53: Pens drop a dud; Who's your least favorite Penguin of all-time?

RECAP 53: Pens drop a dud; Who's your least favorite Penguin of all-time?


RECAP 53: Pens drop a dud; Who's your least favorite Penguin of all-time?


Great news! Evgeni Malkin made his return to the lineup after missing 23-games with a lower-body injury.

Bad news! This game sucked.

The Pens dropped a stinker and it was immensely painful to watch.

Instead of doom and gloom (there shouldn’t be any), we’re dedicating this ‘cap to our least favorite Penguins of all time.

If you are looking for anything other than that, and a list of the game’s goal scorers, this ain’t the ‘cap for you.

(Brief, and I mean brief, game coverage below the shenanigans).

Because the Penguins were down 4-0 during the second intermission, I asked the people of Twitter:

Who’s your least favorite Penguin of all-time? (aside from Jack Johnson)

Though we still got two Jack Johnson votes (I salute your commitment, comrades), we got a great variety of responses.

Let’s take a look.

Impressive feat.

*Laughs wearing Trevor Daley’s Stanley Cup Rings*

The most popular response.

I really appreciate the effort that went into this one.

Ya just knew one of these would slip in.

Put some respect on The Corsi God.

I’ve never met Matt (the Tweeter, not the player), but I know he’s a homie because this would’ve been my choice as well.

His time in Pittsburgh was short but he was a legitimate dumpster fire.

Defensive IQ of a squirrel.

There was also quite a bit of (deserved) disdain for Derick Brassard.

Talk about a dude that not only failed to come close to expectations, but acted like an immature brat in the process.

Plotnikov was just misunderstood ok?

Had to slip one in here.

I’m with you, Benjamin.

Sheary was a pretty polarizing player amongst Pens fans.

While I recognize his marginal on-ice value, even away from Crosby, he was just maddening to watch.

I was quite happy when he was shipped to Buffalo with Hunwick.

Found Pens Chronicles’ burner.

I was surprised to only see Neal’s name pop up once.

He was still a legit talent at the end of his tenure with the Pens, but he played like a scumbag and wore out his welcome.

Antti Niemi was the price we paid for back-to-back Cups.

I’ve only heard this guy referenced in passing, but a quick Google image search justifies this one from CK:

NHL Power Rankings: The 10 Biggest Scandals in NHL History | Bleacher  Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Also very surprising to see Pouliot’s name pop up just once.

Dominic hasn’t forgotten what could have been.

Who could forget about this plug?

Aside from Adams, Cooke was the most frequently mentioned player.

It might’ve been my youthful foolishness, but he seemed like a genuinely good dude off the ice.

On the ice, he was a cheap shottin’ P.O.S.

Never heard of this Tamer cat, but he looks like the typical “can’t skate and slashes the shit out of you” guy from the 90s:

143 Chris Tamer Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Despres underwhelmed by my memory, but a look back at his on-ice impacts tells me he really wasn’t that bad, he just wasn’t what we expected him to be.

He might’ve been ahead of his time.

Quite a few Downie responses as well.

He racked up 238 PIMS in his lone season with the Penguins, a career high.

Penguins' Steve Downie, Thomas Greiss have the mumps -

Hunter rounds us out with another great answer.

Zach Sill and Kevin Porter come to mind when I think of offensive black holes, among other players listed above.

I appreciate the thoughtful responses from everyone.

Bit of an oddball recap but if you’ve made it this far I’m assuming you enjoyed it.

No reason to sit and over analyze that ridiculous performance. They’re back at it tomorrow.

1st period

PHI GOAL – Hayes (12) 1-0 PHI

PHI PP GOAL – Gostisbehere (9) 2-0 PHI

PHI GOAL – Giroux (15) 3-0 PHI

2nd period

PHI GOAL – Allison (2) 4-0 PHI

3rd period

PIT PP GOAL – Crosby (21) A: Letang, Malkin 4-1 PHI

PIT PP GOAL – Zucker (8) A: Marino, Kapanen 4-2 PHI

PHI GOAL – Farabee (17) 5-2 PHI

PHI GOAL – Giroux (16) 6-2 PHI

PHI GOAL – Hagg (2) 7-2 PHI



  • If you are seething from this game, stop it. The game sucked. So be it. There’s another one tomorrow. Don’t let the outcome of your sports teams dictate your life. Smile. Appreciate the little things. Appreciate the big things.

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