finals 2021 FINA diving World Cup Live Streaming Online Highlights

finals 2021 FINA diving World Cup Live Streaming Online Highlights

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finals 2021 FINA diving World Cup Live Streaming Online Highlights


If you love diving as a sport then FINA diving World Cup 2021 is just around the corner. This time the event is being held in Japan and only a few hours from now, it will unfold. Things are getting really exciting here. We are sure you would not want to miss the event for anything in the world. 

We are also of the opinion that you should not. That’s why we don’t want you to miss the action where the world-leading divers would be matching their skills. Since it is not possible for the majority of people to watch it in person, hence the next best bet would be to watch its Livestream. 

Since the time is less, so let us just bounce completely into the live stream platforms that can be used to enjoy this event. 

2021 FINA diving World Cup Live Stream Channels

Here are the best live stream channels/platforms that one can use to catch the event. We know time is short, hence let us get directly to the point here. 


  • China: FINA’s Youku channel
  • China, Macau: CCTV5
  • Japan: TV ASAHI
  • South Korea: MBC, and FINA You Tube Channel
  • Israel: SPORT 5
  • Other countries:


  • Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosov, Slovenia: ARENA SPORT
  • Russia:  MATCH TV
  • Poland: TVP
  • Italy: RAI
  • France: BeIN Sport
  • Turkey: Saran TV
  • Other countries:Eurovision Sport TV


This is the official live stream and broadcasting service for the event. The fans can always visit the website and log in to view the details. As per our information, the website is offering video on demand for all the FINA events here. Presently the live stream schedule is updating hence one should keep an eye on the changes. Subscribe to the service to know more about the pricing part. 


As per the google search, FINA events would also be available on the Youtube channel. They have the official channel, but we are sure there would be many unofficial channels that would be live-streaming the diving event. Just keep an open eye and we are sure you will get an option that suits you. 



If you are a KODI device owner, then just point the links to the FINA TV service or any other free service that is broadcasting the event, we are sure you would soon be watching the live stream without any effort. 

Free methods to watch FINA Diving World Cup 

The above-mentioned channels/options are mostly paid. That means you might have to directly or indirectly have to invest some money in it. For those of you who would live to go with the free versions of things. Here are some free options to catch the event live stream. 


Reddit is like heaven for freeloaders of live stream. Here you would find tonnes of links that would enable one to watch the live stream for free. All you have to do is make an account on Reddit and then join the relevant subreddits. That’s it, soon you would find a lot of links for live streams. 


Off lately Facebook is gaining a lot of traction for free live stream links. Just join the FINA groups and soon you would find a lot of people offering Facebook watch and live for the games. Set the notifications on, so that whenever the games are on – you would know. 

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