Who are the Off-Season Favorites for Super Bowl Glory?

Who are the Off-Season Favorites for Super Bowl Glory?


Who are the Off-Season Favorites for Super Bowl Glory?


With the draft finally complete, everyone might have a slightly better picture of how the off-season will look like. But, the starting whistle is still a long way off and there is still a question of who are the off-season favorites that will push to the top?

Additionally, there is still the question of veteran players that are still on the market. Maybe, now knowing what young blood they have, the teams will know exactly where they have holes that need filling and weak spots that need covering.

Still, according to the sportsbooks, there are some that rise to the top. Generally, four teams are more likely to come as winners than any others, at least with what we know now:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs – 1:4.5
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 1:7
  3. Buffalo Bills – 1:11
  4. Green Bay Packers: 1:11

The Rams, Ravens, and 49ers are following them in lockstep, but the bookers are still not giving them as big of a chance as the main contenders. If we look at PA online sports betting at online-gambling.com we can notice that there is a visible separation between the packs.

Regretfully, not a lot of chances are given to the Eagles. But, it’s not over until it’s over and fans might feel something that expert calculations can’t really measure.

Sportsbooks vs. Experience

Betting in the pre-season on the long game is one of the best ways to prove that you know the game better than some computer-assisted model makers working for the operators. In fact, experience has often worked against sportsbooks, especially when it comes to the NFL.

The Chiefs might be the running champions, but that position is often easier to take than to hold.

Because there are so many factors that can completely influence how the game will turn out, including the behavior of a single player. This is probably why so much glory can be taken if you become the champion of the match.

But, we are talking about the best football players on the Planet. One lethargic day for the QB or a slightly out-of-focus defense and any team can spell their own doom, regardless of the names making it.

Chiefs and Buccaneers Looking for the Win

While the betting difference might be significant, with Kansas separating from Tampa Bay for +250 points, that is a minuscule difference when the grass starts tickling the feet. The Buccaneers are still looking to prove the experts wrong and come out on top.

The reason for the mathematical penalty is the fact that Tampa Bay has selected this year’s ‘’Mr. Irrelevant’’, the University of Houston linebacker Grant Stuard. But, this might be providence more than anything, as Stuard isn’t as bad on the stats as his 259th place in the pecking order might suggest.

Both he and the last pick from the Chiefs, Ryan Succop, seem as if they have found their place on the team.

Oct 4, 2020; Tampa, Florida, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) drops back to pass against the Los Angeles Chargers in the first quarter of a NFL game at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Strong List of Contenders

This year’s Super Bowl has all the makings of a great season. After all of the issues that affected last year, now it seems that the NFL is back with a vengeance. With so many teams packing the middle when it comes to chances, there is really a huge question of who will win.

There are 14 teams that have the chances quoted between 1:12 and 1:33, which are all good odds. Especially if some of them fill their ranks with veterans that will bring experience to the team, the playing field can tip in their favor in an instant.

Finally, while those in the back of the line, including the Detroit Lions and the Huston Texans, each predicted to have 1:150 chances to win, might not look towards the title, the fans and bettors will look closely at them.

Especially now when fantasy sports and betting are exploding in popularity, no team can have the luxury to surrender before the final match is played.

Philadelphia Eagles at the Back of the Pack

It is possible that the low chances given to the Philadelphia Eagles have more to do with the lack of experience than any absence of quality. With nine players in the selection, there is some fear that the team won’t be able to consolidate in time.

But, the fans might not be convinced. Especially now when betting on the Eagles is possible for every fan watching the little screen, there is a special push to do better and justify the support given to the team.

The Eagles don’t want to become the ‘’next season’’ team, even with the young rooster on their side. Regretfully, with the situation being what it is, maybe they will need to find solace in the fact that their time is coming than to expect picking up the trophy.

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