How To Set up a Nikon-p 308 Rifle Scope

How To Set up a Nikon-p 308 Rifle Scope


How To Set up a Nikon-p 308 Rifle Scope


The Nikon Tactical P-308 P-series scope is a famous riflescope that is fully multi-coated with the optical systems that are usually housed in a rugged and approximately 1-inch aircraft-grade main aluminum tube that is bright sufficient to display rather the very dismal surroundings.

Nikon’s Rifle Scopes, which include the Nikon P-308 4x12x40mm objective lens, is engineered for modern AR-platform rifles equipped in .308 Winchester 7.62 NATO round with 168-grain match bullet or maybe for any AR-10 rifles. This rifle also characteristics a Versatile 3x Zoom Range ratio field of view that makes object securing more precise.

This riflescope has spring-loaded windage and altitude knobs that would help shooters to reset turrets back to zero after very easy sighting-in when making field adjustments.

 This rifle scope is also very waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof that usually shrugs off very hard recoil and rugged use. 

However, this riflescope has an O-ring sealed to reduce condensation from enrolling the rifle scope and nitrogen excreted for total reliability against thermal shock. In addition, BDC 800 reticle gives unique open circles, dots, and hash marks aiming to range 100 to 800 with generous eye relief. You must be surprised if Nikon P-308 is the best scope for you. 

Don’t take stress; we will try our best to cover all the powerful features and tell you how to set up Nikon p 308., then sum it all up so that you can make informed decisions even to use or not.

In this Nikon P-308 Review, we. Used the 4-12×40 model to review. Note that there is another good choice of the Nikon P-308 4-16×42, which is the same, but this has a higher magnification range and larger objective lens.

How to Set Up a Nikon p 308?

However, the question that arises in everyone’s mind is how to set up Nikon p 308.

Mounting the Scope:

The scope tube diameter is approximately 1inch. So ensure you get rings for 1″ diameter and applicable base type.

We mounted the scope on our Remington 700 SPS with “Nikon P-Series Mount for 1 Inch Tube,” which fits very accurately. 

Glass and Reticles:

The next thing is glass and reticle. Under normal light conditions, the scope exhibited a very crisp, sharp, and clear image suitable for Nikon’s name as a lens manufacturer. So the Field of view is ok. 

There is a little blur on the highest magnification, but the clarity is much more than sufficient for hunting. The reticle crosshairs are very clear to see and don’t obstruct your view. Most of the people complained that the BDC 800 is too cluttered.

However, In low light conditions, the image and the reticles are very difficult to see. But it is to be required for scopes at this cost. So, If hunting in low light is your thing, you should invest more in higher-end scopes.

Although the eye relief of 3.7″ is pretty good.

We think Nikon P-308 4-12×40’s vision in normal lighting is on par with Leupold VX-2 3-9×40. But the Leupold is much lighter. It is more rugged and has good in low light conditions. Most people mentioned that a Vortex Diamondback gives a insignificantly clearer image. However, the vortex eye relief is only 3.1″, which is quite less.

Turrets Adjustments:

As we need the range to try it out. Of course, we used the .308 caliber to see how better the BDC reticle is.

Zeroing in on 100 yards is pretty easy. However, The turrets are finger adjustable, with positive click adjustments. The other is that you can reset the turrets back to zero quickly by extracting the cap up, turn it to zero, and set the cap down. 

The downside is that there are no turret clamps. Rather than through the turrets are solid, it can be moved if it is caught on to something in the woods. The chance is slim, but we would prefer turret locks.

There is a diopter adjustment near the ocular lens. But there is no parallax adjustment which is fixed at 100 yards. It is not very noticeable, up to 300 yards or probably lower than 70 yards.

After that, we tried shooting at the 200 and 300 yards range. The BDC reticle changes out to be as great as it can get. For people who use various ammunition, try the Nikon Spot On app. It permits you to explore all of the correct aiming points on your scope’s reticle at different yardages for your specific ammunition and load.


For your AR-10 rifle’s good shooting adaptability, you require the best optics, but you probably require to prepare one from a trusted scope expert. Nikon’s rifle scopes give you a clearer view of your object with a good reputation to back them up. In this article, Nikon P-308 scope review, we’ll reveal what this model has to give when it appears to be a more flexible hunting experience.

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