The Rising Popularity Of eSports Gaming

The Rising Popularity Of eSports Gaming


The Rising Popularity Of eSports Gaming


ESports gaming became very popular in recent years, and its popularity continues to grow. If you still do not know what it is – eSports is a competition between online players battling to win in a particular game. These competitions became very organized, and there are lots of sponsors taking part in them. Nowadays, millions of people get online to watch people play eSports, which is stunning. Besides that, esports betting also takes the gaming world by storm, and more and more people are wagering on the outcome of a specific competition. 

Types Of eSports Games 

Sitting next to the trophy for the Fortnite title for the Eastern Division they earned last year, Robert Marmorstein, Head Coach, History and Special Education teacher, coaches his students playing the game via Discord during an eSports practice at Clifton High School on 05/04/21.

There are plenty of eSports games out there, and a few of them are at the top with their popularity, high-quality graphics, fast gameplay, and exciting storyline. Some examples include StarCraft, Call of Duty, DOTA, and others. Sports games are also popular such as FIFA, NFL, NBA, and many more. If you have not seen people play these games and do not know what eSports is all about, it isn’t easy to describe why they are so popular and impressive. Perhaps the competition part of it, where one player has to kill or defeat the other eSports player in the game, makes them very exciting. The action is swift, and that is another factor that contributes towards their popularity. 

Nowadays, there are many great international tournaments with lots of money at stake. Some of the eSports tournaments have prize pools with millions of dollars, attracting people worldwide. There is nothing sweeter than making money by playing a favorite online game and having a good time with players from different parts of the world. The multiplayer element of eSports games is another thing that is great about these types of games, as players get to interact with others as they play. 

The most popular eSports games today are sports games, first-person shooter games, and MMORPGs. However, more and more other games are becoming popular, so this list will undoubtedly grow soon. Today, eSports games are played mainly by male youngsters, but more and more females are joining in and starting to play. In the past, there were hardly any sponsors for eSports tournaments, but today there are some major companies and organizations that sponsor eSports tournaments.

Watching eSports Games 

Port Clinton High School’s esports club practices two days a week in the media center, where they play their game of choice, “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” on the Nintendo Switch.

The great thing about eSports is that you can watch them on many different platforms and even bet on them. Some television networks are doing regular broadcasts of significant events, but you can also enjoy watching them on social media platforms. YouTube and Twitch are the top platforms for watching eSports competitions, and Twitch has thousands of active eSports broadcasters every day. The eSport content is of the highest quality, and there are even commentators who explain things in great detail. You should undoubtedly check some of these events and see what eSports are all about. If you are a gamer and good in a particular game, then you should also try participating in these tournaments, possibly making money along the way.

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