How to Get the Right Pool Table Felt for Your Home?

How to Get the Right Pool Table Felt for Your Home?


How to Get the Right Pool Table Felt for Your Home?


A perfect addition to your living space is a pool table. It provides ample entertainment as you unwind with family and friends. When your pool table has quality felt cover, it elevates your game significantly. Tightly woven fabric assures you of greater precision and better playability.

The distinct feature of a pool table is the green material or felt that typically covers its surface. Using the best pool table felt positively impacts the spin and speed of cue balls. Superior quality felt lines pool tables to aid the movement of balls and provide adequate cushioning to safeguard against heavier ball damage.

Categories of Pool Table Felt

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Pool felt is usually a combination of two materials: wool and nylon or wool and polyester. Each of the two categories has its unique feel, characteristics, and pricing. They broadly fall under:

  • Standard woolen felt cloth with approximately 60% wool in its material composition is affordable and has fibers napped in one direction.
  • Worsted felt wool is more expensive and ideal for professional players as its woven structure increases accuracy and ball speed.

Choosing the Right Pool Table Felt

Factors to consider when selecting the best pool table felt for your home include:

Material Durability 

High-quality felt allows pool balls to travel smoothly in the direction you guide them without the material pilling, wrinkling, or shedding with time. The wool content of the felt, the quality of installation, and how often you use your pool table contribute to the felt’s durability.

When the felt material is tightly woven, it takes time to wear out even with frequent usage. The weight in ounces per yard of fabric, when 19 oz or higher, indicates greater durability. Residential pool tables are not subjected to heavy playing when compared to commercial ones. Hence, the felt tends to last longer.

Table Size

Your pool table size determines the amount of felt material it requires to cover its playing area. The latter refers to the defined space within which pool balls roll from rail to rail. 

Standard pool tables are 7, 8, or 9 feet in length, for which you can conveniently purchase pre-cut felt that fits perfectly. If your table size differs, you may have to customize your order after measuring the entire playing surface.  

Maintenance Demands

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Upkeep of pool felt is necessary irrespective of the material you choose. You must keep your pool table away from direct sunlight to prevent the felt from fading. A protective cover also shields this surface from moisture damage. 

Use a pool brush to remove excessive chalk on the felt surface as a build-up weakens the material. You can also rub off leftover chalk dust from each pool ball using a microfiber cloth.

Routinely brushing chalk off napped woolen felt in a single direction helps to align the fibers. Follow this with a blocking technique by flipping the brush over and using its flat side to push the nap down. You thus achieve an optimal position that supports high-level play. 

Worsted felt wool is easier to maintain as you can brush it in any direction to retain a playing surface in peak condition. This type of felt consistently delivers and does not warrant an additional blocking maintenance step. 

It helps to follow these handy cleaning and maintenance tips:

  • Hold your cue away from the pool table while applying chalk to keep the residue off the felt
  • Invest in a dedicated brush to clean your pool table felt
  • Forbid food and drinks near the table to prevent accidental spills
  • Keep the table covered when idle to safeguard against contaminants
  • Only use a low suction vacuum with a gentle upholstery attachment should you intend to vacuum your pool table 

Felt Color

Besides regular green felt, there are other colors to choose from to match your home decor. Preferably select a color that conceals blemishes and does not visibly reveal aging, wear, and tear signs. Too dark or too bright a felt color can hinder your game by posing visual challenges.

Can You Paint A Pool Table?

Wooden pool tables are the most common ones that need to be repainted. You won’t need to paint the pool tables if they’re made of quarried slate. So, here’s what you’ll have to do: First and foremost, you must choose a paint color. 

As there are many different sorts of pool tables worldwide, there is no agreement on the paint type. Chalk paint is better in case you have a wood billiard table.

What to Avoid?

On a pool table, black felt is unquestionably breathtaking. While it is chic and edgy, it is not a pleasant color to play with. Because of the following reasons:

  • Shadows are very dark.
  • On that, the eight-ball disappears.
  • Since the pocket disappears into the darkness, it’s challenging to get a good shot.

So, if getting an excellent pool table is your primary concern, black felt will suffice; but, if you choose to practice and play in the pool, a lighter color will come in handy.

If a bright light lights the pool table, a table felt color that isn’t too bright could be avoided. Your eyes can be bothered by the brightness of the light and the brightness of the felt. It has also been recorded to cause headaches in some people. If the light is bright, use a muted color, such as a deep burgundy.

Buying new pool cues is better than finding a good bargain at a flea market or garage sale. It will save you from any regret in the future. 

Replacing Pool Table Felt

When your felt displays apparent signs of damage like distinct holes which can turn bigger, it demands replacing. At times, the felt begins to feel loose, which only needs tightening up and no replacements. The condition of your home pool table felt, impacts your gaming experience, so do not ignore this vital component.

Access a comprehensive cue sports guide known to equip players with relevant knowledge irrespective of their skill level. Exposure to valuable inputs improves your understanding of the sport and motivates you to practice harder.

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