Your Afternoon Dump... Where the Celtics have forced me to side with Dan Shaughnessy

Your Afternoon Dump... Where the Celtics have forced me to side with Dan Shaughnessy

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Your Afternoon Dump... Where the Celtics have forced me to side with Dan Shaughnessy


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The team has stars, but no leadership. Players push back when they get criticized and say they don’t listen to their critics. Former Celtic champion Kendrick Perkins says maybe these players should start listening to the critics. Because the criticism is legit.

We all know the M.O. of this team. They are talented, but not “engaged.” When their shots don’t fall at the start of games, they lose motivation to play defense. They fall too far behind. Then their shots start falling, they “get engaged,” and they play lockdown defense. They come back, but usually it falls short. And still they expect credit for not quitting.

It’s absurd.

Accountability is in short supply on Causeway Street. Ownership loves Danny Ainge. Danny Ainge loves Brad Stevens. Wyc Grosbeck appears to be owner-for-life and wants Danny to be GM-for-life. They both want Stevens to be coach-for-life.

Would the Celtics fire Stevens? Would Stevens ever quit? Both scenarios seem doubtful. Stevens has to hate coaching these guys, but will never tell us that. Anyone who watches the games has to conclude that Celtics players don’t have sufficient respect for Stevens. They can’t possibly be doing what he is telling them to do.


I didn’t give one thought to watching yesterday’s disaster against the Heat. Typically, I try to adjust my family plans in order to watch big Celtics games. But yesterday? F-that.

This team is not worth my time. Watching them play is no longer enjoyable. My preference is to close the books on this season and wait intently for the much-needed roster or coaching shake-up.

You know it’s bad when I agree 99% with Shank. The 1% difference lays with his criticism that Tatum does little to make his teammates better.

You also know it’s bad when Mr Optimistic John Karalis lays into them:

Sorry is about all these Celtics have been. They’ve teased us with their promise, but in the end, the only thing they’ve earned is the right to be forgotten by history.

For a team built on legends, this is the worst offense a team can commit. They are the antithesis of everything great this franchise has produced, and the “efforts” they put forth are becoming insulting to the men and teams whose numbers and banners hang above them.

Good night and good riddance.

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