Finale: World Cup of Pool 2021 Live stream Finals

Finale: World Cup of Pool 2021 Live stream Finals

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Finale: World Cup of Pool 2021 Live stream Finals


Watch World Cup of Pool 2021 Live Stream Online

Let’s check out the Final Day streaming for World Cup of Pool 2021. The World Cup of Pool will start in the month of May from 9th to 14th. A total of 32 nations will fight it out for the title at the Stadium MK, Milton Keynes, England.

The World Cup of Pool was started as a major event in 9-ball in the year 2006 and consists of a straight knockout format. The matches are best of 7 in the 1st two rounds, the quarterfinals and semifinals will have a best of 9, and the finals will have a best of 11.

Defending champions Albin Ouschan and Mario He will also be in the event. The Austrian pair will look to defend the title. They are the winners of the trophy for the second time last year. The Philippines, China, and the USA were the previous winners.

Watch World Cup of Pool 2021 Live Streaming Channels

Before we start, we bring you the best possible live streaming options to watch the World Cup of Pool 2021. The platforms can be watched irrespective of your location. We have made sure that we cover all the regions so that you don’t miss even a single minute of live-action.

Keep on reading as we will reveal some of the top channels to watch the World Cup of Pool 2021 online.

Prize Money

The total prize money for the event:

  • Winners (per pair): $60,000
  • Runners-up (per pair): $30,000
  • Semi-finalists (per pair): $15,000
  • Quarter-finalists (per pair): $9,000
  • Last 16 losers (per pair): $4,500
  • Last 32 losers (per pair): $3,625

1. BBC Sport:- Official Channel

If you are living in the UK, then BBC Sports can be your best bet to watch the World Cup of pool 2021. It is the Official channel of the World Cup of Pool 2021. If you have cable TV, then you can get it for free. You can reach the website of BBC Sports and watch the complete event on the live stream.

Still, you will have to create an account and log in with the credentials, before you can start using BBC Sports. You will have to enter your information while signing.

2. BBC iPlayer

Another platform to watch the World Cup of Pool 2021 is the BBC iPlayer, which has been in demand off late. You don’t have to worry about the video quality of the sports events, you can watch the pool event on the BBC iPlayer.

The BBC iPlayer offers on-demand videos which available for a period of 30 days. If you still want to watch the services, you will get a paid subscription.


If you are a resident of Canada and want to watch the World Cup of Pool 2021. Then DAZN is the right channel for you. For many years, DAZN is providing quality streaming services, but the cost of the subscription is just $20. Also, if you are not willing pay the subscription cost in advance, they have their very own trial period of one month. With this, you can check the quality of the channel and then decide to subscribe to the channel.

Still, if you don’t want to pay after the trial period is over, you have to cancel the subscription before the date. Nonetheless, DAZN is a budget-friendly live streaming service that only for viewers in Canada.

4. Eurosport

European fans can watch the World Cup of Pool 2021 on Eurosport. Presently, lots of people use Eurosport to watch sports content in a super high-quality setup. The price of the channel is based on the location of the viewer. But, at just 10 euros, you can get the monthly pass and watch the sports events.

The monthly pass has a contract period of 12-months for the subscription plan. There is no free plan on offer with the channel, and some research will do no harm before carefully choosing the subscription plans. Europe is the only region where Eurosport is available and if you stay there, then you are lucky. Get the Eurosport live streaming service and watch the World Cup of Pool 2021.

5. OSN

The Middle East and North Africa fans can choose for OSN to watch the World Cup of Pool 2021. Once you get OSN you will have to sign up and pay for the subscription cost. OSN will cost 399 AED. There will be delivered and you will be charged for the service.

Also, if you already have the OSN subscription, you can register and watch the full World Cup of Pool 2021 online.

6. Sky GO app

If there is one country that has got diehard fans of the sport, then it has to be New Zealand. Sky Go App is available to watch the World Cup of Pool 2021in New Zealand. The price for the Sky Go app is NZD $31.99 for the subscription package.

With the Sky Go app, you will not miss a single second of live-action.

7. Fubo TV

Fubo TV is the live streaming platform that telecasts the live coverage of the World Cup of Pool 2021. The channel has made its way as the most preferred channel over the years. The cost of the channel is $54.99 for a month and the complete event can be watched live on the channel. Fubo TV free trial period of 7 days in that time the quality of the channel is tested.

And if you feel the channel is good then you can go ahead and buy the subscription. It offers recording space and also multiple screens to watch the programs at the same time.

8. YouTube TV

If you wish to watch the World Cup of Pool 2021 in very high video quality, then YouTube TV is a great option. Certainly, they deliver the services for several years and the customer support service is even better. Their base plan is priced at $40 a month with which you will get access to lots of channels. Among the channels, you will get sufficient sports channels to watch your favorite sports content.

YouTube TV does not have a free trial period. Therefore, enquire carefully before opting for YouTube TV to watch the World Cup of Pool 2021.

How to watch the World Cup of Pool 2021 Live Streaming on Reddit?

Check out for the World Cup of Pool subreddit and get links to all the matches of the championship. Reddit is one of the most preferred platforms to get quality links to pool games. Search for the World Cup of Pool 2021links. The links will be displayed and you will have to choose the links based on their performance.

What Date?

This Pool championship is scheduled for 8th May. The association has decided on this date. This will be very exciting for the 9 ball enthusiasts.

Where will the World Cup of Pool 2021 be held?

The World Cup of Pool is set for one of the best tournaments. The venue for the world cup of pool 2021 is Stadium MK, Milton Keynes.

The main way to watch the world cup of the pool is through DAZN. The live streaming service is targeted at sports. It was st last started in the summer of 2018 in the US but now has become as a global platform. The subscription costs $19.99 per month. For the yearly subscription, the cost is $8.33 per month

Event World Cup of Pool 2021
Date 8th May 2021
Venue Stadium MK, Milton Keynes
TV Network BBC Sports
Live stream Fubo TV, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue


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