E-Sports: Facts about Competitive Gaming 2021

E-Sports: Facts about Competitive Gaming 2021


E-Sports: Facts about Competitive Gaming 2021


E-Sports is the only surviving industry within a collapsing economy. The industry worth will reach around $1 billion regardless of the effects of the pandemic. The revenue generated will surpass $3.5 billion by 2021, making competitive gaming 2021 the best economic activity in the world. The evidence is visible with the 2020 World Championship for League of Legends that shook the gaming world. The championship had over 3.8 million live viewers, lasted for 14 days due to the quarantine, and had 22 teams participating. It is becoming more of a traditional sport and a competition that earns more attention than the Super bowls or the best online casinos, which have slots for fun

A Few More Facts About E-sports Competitive Gaming 2021

Members of the Central and Shawnee teams participated in the first JCPS esports championship game of League of Legends on Friday, Jan. 24, 2020 at Camp Edwards Gym.

  • Revenue set to double overtime;
  • E-sports encompasses every other game;
  • E-sport Gamers and athletes are alike;  
  • Gamers Are Legal Athletes in the US;
  • Get A Spot In The E-Sports Hall Of Fame.

E-sport Gamers and Athletes are Alike  

“I know many would like to argue this point by indicating that gamers do not do any exercises. There is no ball to throw, little to no movement, but athletes and gamers have more in common than you think,” says one of the professional gamers. Both players spend hours and hours coming up with strategic moves, putting them into practice, and working as a team. Studying the competition to understand their gaming strategies, a standard move in hockey, also plays a role in E-sports. Broadcasters may look at their opponents’ footage and develop an attack or defence strategy.

Don’t forget that gamers are also prone to injuries, including a trigger finger that reacts at the wrong time thus, losing the game. Others may complain of nerve pain in the neck or back, while some get carpal tunnel syndrome. These conditions lead to gamers retiring from the tournaments and the competitive gaming world.

E-sports tournaments and championships also provide players with a chance to travel to varying destinations. Therefore, they require continuous sponsorships, and celebrities have taken up the role with much enthusiasm. In 2013, musicians and legendary athletes invested in the e-sports industry bringing in over $3.3 billion. Also, big companies such as New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys now include e-sports franchises for their range of clientele.   

Revenue Set to Double Overtime

Juniper Research, a sports-based research company, highlights that the e-sports competitive gaming 2021 will double its revenue generation to $3.5 billion. The research attributes the increase in revenue to a rise in popularity status for many players on varying playing platforms, including Twitch. The competition viewership levels are on the rise based on the 2016 E-sport tournament, which has a recording of over 90 million viewers.

E-sport popularity is a significant fact that many cannot ignore. Its integration with varying gaming platforms allowing both experts, amateur, and beginners to engage in gaming activities, is bearing fruits with increased participation and viewership. Plus, the games championships have streaming rights offered to exclusive channels inducing a lure for gamers and game lovers. Plus, you cannot compete or compare the exciting and out-of-this-world prizes. In 2019, the winning players for Dota 2 received $38.3 billion US dollars, while the winning team got $16 million. Each member got $3.1 million, $100,000 more than the winner of Wimbledon Novak Djokovic.

E-Sports Encompasses Every Other Game

Spring Grove High School esports player Cali Schmidt plays as Roadhog in Overwatch during a practice on Thursday, February, 27, 2020.

Traditional games have a set of rules that we expect to follow each time there is a competition. E-sports are on the wild side, and any game that you can turn into a match becomes an e-sport, including online casino players who can find free online slots no download. There are no limitations as to which games you can play as the conditions of the game vary with each tournament. For instance, you can take on the multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA for multiple players working side by side. Dota 2 and League of the legends is a multiplayer game. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-player shooting game or an FPS. Other popular FPS games include Call of Duty and Halo.

E-sports are only lucrative for viewers and gamers alike if advertised for a specific game and not various games. The lucrative game must be competitive and a significant price pool for players and their teams. Also, these competitive tournaments draw much attention. In 2015, the prize pool for the DOTA 2competitions had over $18 million.

Gamers Are Legal Athletes in the US

Forbes indicates that professional gamers now have a “legal athlete identity” in the United States. The elite status comes as a surprise to many, but the conditions in which gamers enter these tournaments warrant it. A professional gamer requires regular practice, talent or skill in the game, teamwork if playing a multiplayer game, and a strategic mind, especially if there are high stakes involved. Don’t forget that gamers can now receive special visas and taxation based on their professional status.

To further emphasise their legality, Comcast is designing and constructing the Fusion Arena. The arena set to be ready this year will spend over 50 million in its construction. It is a next-generation architectural design, will act as a live entertainment venue and an excellent sports complex seating over 3500 guests at a go.  

Get a Spot in the E-Sports Hall of Fame

The E-Sports Hall of Fame is a new concept that allows e-sports and competitive gaming fans to view and interact with famous players. It is a fact that it exists and provides long-performing gamers with a one-on-one induction into the community and to their fans. It may not be huge or a more significant attraction than others, but it does serve its purpose. Soon, the hall will have back-to-back tournaments with new and exciting players popping up all over the world.

You can still view the first inductees who received the Hall of Fame prizes and honours back in 2016. The players were with the Quake gaming franchise and the Counter-Strike team. From a small beginning, the hall of fame is growing, and four more inductees have become part of the hall with notable titles, special awards, community titles, and more. Individuals making any difference or leaving an impact or imprint in the e-sports arena also receive an award from the E-sports Hall of Fame.


There are many facts to consider about e-sports competitive gaming in 2021. Some of them include a rising industry during a pandemic, the introduction of a Hall of Fame, the legalisation of gamers as athletes, and the variety of games you can convert into an e-sport. However, these aren’t the only competitive gaming facts about e-sports out there. You can consider a sport with no “age Limit” children as young 10 to 15 years old, and old people over 60 and 70 years can partake in an e-sport gaming tournament. Age is not a factor, “what matters are skills, talent, and hard work.”

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