How to Enhance Your Athletic Performance by Vaping?

How to Enhance Your Athletic Performance by Vaping?

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How to Enhance Your Athletic Performance by Vaping?


Most people have never heard of people who vape for sports. Not many people would associate athletes with smoking as it harms their respiratory system. However, those who vape for sports don’t injure their lungs but rather enhance their performance. Are you unsure about the benefits of vaping as an athlete or sportsperson? While most medical professionals advise athletes not to smoke, vaping is a safer alternative that is more sustainable. 

Additionally, consumers can take these CBD carts while vaping, which provides a slew of benefits. Hence, those who vape for sports can improve their endurance and performance, thanks to the medicinal properties of cannabis. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about how vaping can enhance your athletic performance.  

Why Should Athletes Avoid Smoking?

A man exhales smoke from a vape on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021, in downtown Indianapolis.
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Athletes put their bodies through strenuous workouts that put undue stress and pressure on their muscles. As a result, to achieve peak athletic performance, such individuals need to treat their bodies like temples and avoid bad habits. Smoking is injurious to health in several ways, and it is especially harmful to your respiratory tract. The adverse side effects of tobacco include increasing the heart rate and constricting arteries. As a result, this dependency can lead to cardiovascular ailments over time. 

Additionally, smoking clogs up our respiratory tract, reducing our lung capacity. Since athletes need robust lungs to power through their workouts and circuits, smoking can impede their endurance. It also raises average blood pressure and limits our physical performance. As a result, most athletes give up habits like smoking that affect their performance and career adversely. 

What is Vaping?

A more technical term for a vape pen is an Electronic nicotine delivery device. These devices have flooded the market in recent years. They also go by the names e-cigs, vape sticks, and electronic cigarettes. Vaping is essentially the process through which consumers inhale vapors rather than the exhaust or smoke of chemical substances. While vape cartridges can contain nicotine, cannabidiol has become an integral constituent of vaping. Those who vape for sports also tend to use cannabidiol cartridges since they offer several medicinal and therapeutic benefits. 

E-cigarettes entered the American market in 2006 as a tool that supports smoking cessation. Over the years, they have become significantly popular as they produce fewer adverse effects when compared to smoking. The introduction of CBD carts has cemented their position as a safer and healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. The vaping industry is worth over $2.5 billion and comprises online retailers, vape shops, and drug dispensaries. CBD carts come in several flavors and types, helping e-cigarettes become popular with almost 20% of American youth. These battery-powered devices enable users to inhale and exhale the vapors of products without creating any mess or odor.  

How is Vaping Better than Smoking?

  1. Smoking produces a pungent odor that most people dislike, whereas vaping induces no such smells. Several cartridges contain flavoring agents and additives such as menthol, which helps users smell fresh and pleasant.
  2. Not everyone likes the taste and flavor of tobacco or nicotine, and vaping is the perfect alternative for such individuals. CBD carts come in several shapes, sizes and flavors, ensuring everyone can find something suited to their tastes.
  3. Unlike smoking, vaping does not produce harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause severe damage to our bodies. Hence, individuals who wish to avoid health issues related to smoking must switch from the former to vaping.
  4. Vaping prevents addiction by allowing individuals to control and restrict their nicotine uptake. Unlike traditional cigarettes, these devices are not addictive or habit-forming, helping addicts gradually reduce their dependency. 
  5. Vaping is also healthier for the environment and the people around you. While smoking releases harmful toxins that harm your loved ones and nature, vaping is a cleaner, more sustainable option. 

What are the positive impacts vaping has on athletic performance?

Jade Kirchoff-Foster and Robbie Thompson look at vape cartridges together on Monday, April 19, 2021 at Bloom City Club Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Emmett Township. Emmett Township recently passed and amended its marijuana ordinance, which caps the number of licensed facilities at 19.

  1. Most experts believe that vaping is 95% healthier when compared to smoking. As a result, athletes who have nicotine or tobacco addiction can use vaping to reduce their uptake and prevent relapses. While quitting cold turkey can be challenging, vaping allows athletes to transition into healthier, more sustainable options.
  2. Vaping can help athletes improve their cardio performance and increase their ability to run for extended periods. While smoking can cause respiratory ailments that lead to shortness of breath and reduced cardio performance, vaping does none of this. As a result, athletes can complete grueling exercise regimens, heavier workouts, and more strenuous cardio circuits. 
  3. Smoking regularly can dampen the overall stamina and endurance of sportspersons. However, switching to vaping can help individuals maintain their fitness and stamina for extended periods.
  4. Ingesting CBD can aid in muscle recovery and growth, helping sportsperson exercise and train for longer.  Muscles need to undergo rigorous training regimens to break and grow back stronger. However, they also need ample rest to form, and cannabidiol acts as the perfect muscle relaxant, promoting recovery and repair.
  5. Cannabidiol is a potent analgesic, and vaping cartridges infused with this cannabinoid can help individuals manage their pain. As a result, individuals will no longer have to worry about persistent aches and pains after a strenuous workout.
  6. The excellent anti-inflammatory properties of hemp extracts effectively treat both chronic and acute inflammation. Swelling and redness are immune responses our bodies have when attacked by an external threat. However, cannabidiol interacts with our endocannabinoid system to regulate our immune response and reduce inflammation.
  7. Since cannabidiol acts as a stimulant and energizer, vaping can help boost energy. Hence, these products help athletes work out for extended periods. It gently raises energy levels, ensuring that sportspersons have the stimulation required to get through their workouts.
  8. CBD can help relieve anxiety and stress, making it easier for individuals to calm their nerves and get into a better mood. Not only does this help keep unnecessary fears at bay, but it also helps individuals stay focused and alert. 
  9. Several athletes suffer from sleep disorders and insomnia due to over-training, exhaustion, and stress. Cannabidiol cartridges can help individuals relax their bodies and calm their minds. As a result, these products help people sleep better, ensuring their bodies get the rest they require. 


Vaping provides several benefits to athletes that help them enhance their overall performance and endurance. As long as individuals prevent dehydration and overt nicotine consumption, vaping is a safe and healthy alternative to smoking. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vape pens are cleaner, more sustainable, and produce fewer toxins. How has vaping helped you train better, run faster, or lift heavier? Let us know your favorite vape pens, CBD carts, and flavors in the comments below!

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