5 Things To Look For In Electric Skateboards

5 Things To Look For In Electric Skateboards


5 Things To Look For In Electric Skateboards


Everything is becoming electric and battery-powered these days. As the world is slowly moving away from traditional skateboards, electric skateboards are entering the scene. With an electric skateboard, you will be able to speed up and stop according to your wishes and your enjoyment is not fully dependent on whether you have the skills to ride one, unlike a traditional skateboard where a good level of skill and practice is required. 

You may be looking to purchase an electric skateboard at this point. There are various factors you may want to consider before assessing and purchasing one. Below are some things you must look out for:

1. The Number Of Motors Present

Electric skateboards have electric motors that can drive them forward. A battery fuels the electric motor and this is the main component of any electric skateboard. You can usually either have one or two motors, and both have various benefits.

With two motors, you will usually have brushless motors which allow for smooth performance, increased grip, and great freeroll. A one motor electric skateboard is also capable of great performance but recent models usually come with two motors. Some newer models even allow additional motors to be installed, just like the dot Boards electric skateboards.

2. Range

Range adheres to numerous factors, including your riding environment, the way you ride, as well the setup of the skateboard. Figuring out your range will help you choose the right electric skateboard model. Are you using it for recreation, as a mode of transport, or for professional skateboarding? It’s important that you reflect what the purpose of buying this electric skateboard is because this will allow you to purchase one with the right range.

Having to worry about range and whether your electric skateboard’s range is sufficient to sustain you from point A to B may be avoided if you consider range upon purchase. This includes the types of wheels that can affect range are street wheels and all-terrain wheels. In terms of range, street wheels are said to give more range. 

3. Remote Control

Most electric skateboards come with remote controls. There are two different types of remote control—trigger and thumb. Trigger control requires you to use your index finger to control your skateboard. The most intuitive way to feel or control anything is considered to be the use of the index finger. You may want to look for an electric skateboard with a trigger remote control because it’s more comfortable and seamless.

Thumb control requires the use of your thumb for the remote control. If you feel your thumb is more intuitive, you may consider getting the thumb remote control but be aware that it may not be as comfortable as the trigger control. You need to get comfortable in using and controlling your skateboard, therefore make sure you find a model that comes with the most comfortable remote control for you. 

4. Motor Wattage

Man riding hoverboard in the park. Close Up of Dual Wheel Self Balancing Electric Skateboard. electrical scooter outdoors. Gyroscooter.

There are common mistakes when buying electric skateboards that people make and not assessing your electric skateboard beyond the power numbers should be added to the list. Some of the other numbers contribute to the performance of the skateboard. Things like motor controller parameters and gear ratios may have great effects on torque and overlooking them will put you at a slight disadvantage.

The adjustment of gear ratios has a great effect on the speed and torque of your electric skateboard just as gears have an effect on a bicycle. Assessment of all the various numbers will give you a thorough overview of the complete system and reflect on whether it’s designed to work smoothly and with great performance. 

5. Resistance To Water

You may be looking at purchasing an electric keyboard for transport reasons. As you travel from point A to point B, you may encounter various weather changes including rain. After you assess the purpose of your purchase, you must consider whether your electric skateboard is waterproof or not.

Even if your skateboard is not for the purpose of transportation, you may want to get a waterproof electric skateboard if you enjoy skating in the rain. It may also be relatively unsafe and damaging if you skate with a skateboard that isn’t waterproof. Make sure to assess the protection ratings to ensure that you’re getting the best waterproof electric skateboard for yourself.

Make An Informed Decision

Before you get excited about all the skateboard gear you can try, along with the idea of riding with your friends, be sure you’re getting the right electric skateboard for you. These pieces of advice may equip you with the right information to purchase the ideal electric skateboard that will not only suit your range and style but is also convenient and safe. 

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