Complaining After A Win? Sure, Why Not!

Complaining After A Win? Sure, Why Not!


Complaining After A Win? Sure, Why Not!


I’ve been really chill about the Mets 3-7 stretch. So you’d think I’d be ecstatic over the Mets 3-1 victory tonight. So of course, it would make perfect sense that I would have stuff to complain about. So we’re going to make this blog entry one big Hate List. So let’s get right into it:

Today’s Hate List

  1. So Tomas Nido hit a two run home run to make the score 3-1 and provide the margin of victory. Excellent. Nido is wonderful. But the home run had to be reviewed, because the ball hit right above the wall, where there is stupid M&M’s signage right over and just behind the wall. So Dom Smith keeps running and slides awkwardly into home plate. Now you know the Mets and their injuries, so the first thing I’m thinking is “great, he’s hurt.” But there’s a ten minute review because the ball hit signage that doesn’t need to be there. And it’s not just Citi Field. All of these ballparks have advertising and gates and flowers and lots of things that are just over the outfield walls so that when baseballs hit them, there’s an automatic lenghty review. Say this for the multi-purpose ballparks of the 70’s, you never needed a home run review because the ball went into a vast wasteland of parking lot. But for crissakes, every home run that’s just over the wall requires a ten minute review because of advertising and other stupid stuff, and yet these brain surgeons that run baseball are sitting in an office going “why are baseball games so long?” DUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  2. Speaking of replay, Jacob deGrom came back tonight, and save for a home run by Ryan McMahon, deGrom was brilliant for five innings. He also hit a double. The boxscore will only give him credit for a single, but he beat the throw to second by a mile, and save for a millisecond just off the bag, he stayed on the bag. But because replay knows no nuance, much like the brain surgeons mentioned above, deGrom was called out. Now it’s impossible to differentiate between plays like this and plays where the player actually loses the bag out of carelessness, so everything has to be called. But for crissakes replay was put in to correct the obvious. And in some cases, the obvious goes unchanged. But deGrom loses a double because his spike hovered over second base for 0.01 seconds.
  3. Jonathan Villar was also thrown out at third base because even though he beat a throw easily on a stolen base attempt, there was a half second between his hands being on the bag and his knees, so he was called out. (I wonder how many stolen bases Rickey Henderson would have lost out on if there was replay … Lou Brock might still have the stolen base record.) But that’s not why I’m upset about this. I’m upset about this because Brandon Drury, a right handed batter at the plate, moved out of the way to give the catcher a clear shot at him. Brandon, you have the right to the batters box. Don’t help the opposing catcher!!!!!
  4. Noah Syndergaard. I don’t hate him, but I hate that he left Tuesday’s rehab start because of “elbow soreness”. I know we need bats more than arms anyway (that’s why the Mets went and traded for Billy McKinney after the game … the guy that was the low key big name going back to the Yankees in the Aroldis Chapman trade … because they are so desperate for outfielders after they lost their 89th center fielder to injuries … and by the way, you think Tim Tebow is seeing what’s happening to the Mets outfield thinking “YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!!!”) But potentially not having Syndergaard, along with the extended absence of Carlos Carrasco, will have the ripple effect of having more of these bullpen days, which aren’t helping. Speaking of injuries …
  5. Zach Plesac of the Indians was placed on the injured list while fracturing his thumb while “rather aggressively ripping off his shirt” and hitting his chair. I’m mad about this because only the Mets are supposed to have hilarious injuries involving boars and furniture. You’re coopting our narrative, Zach. Stop it.

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