Top 5 reasons why betting online is better

Top 5 reasons why betting online is better


Top 5 reasons why betting online is better


If you’ve been wondering why so many players choose to bet online these days or are considering making the switch yourself, here are some of the reasons why online betting is better than in betting shops.

1 – Social Distancing

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. Online betting has indeed experienced a surge in popularity in the wake of the pandemic, as lockdown rules closed many traditional betting shops. And while the lockdowns will eventually end, online casinos will continue to be a place where you can bet without the risk of catching the flu or any other germs easily transmitted in places with lots of human contact.

May 26, 2021; New York City, New York, USA; An usher walks along the concourse during batting practice before a game between the New York Mets and the Colorado Rockies at Citi Field. The game was postponed due to the threat of inclement weather. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

2 – Convenience

Online betting is all about convenience, and betting sites invest heavily in it. Not only do they make their sites easy to access across desktops and mobile devices, but the big ones all have apps you can use to play the pools on your phone, no matter where you are. If you are a night owl or just stayed up late to watch a game happening on the other side of the world, betting online might be your only option to get a bet in right before the game starts.

Access to a betting site also makes it easier to place last-minute bets and place bets while the game is ongoing.

3 – Better Odds

Physically going to a bookmaker limits you to that one specific company and the odds that they offer, unless you are willing to walk around your town or city.

When betting online, you can pick one of many bookies depending on which site you prefer or even who is offering the best odds. There are even odds comparison sites that tell you who is offering the best returns on your money.

May 26, 2021; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Jazz guard Joe Ingles (2) sits on the bench before the game against the Memphis Grizzlies in game two of the first round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs at Vivint Arena. Mandatory Credit: Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

4 – Diversity

Online betting isn’t just easier for the player, it’s easier for the bookmaker as well. Automated systems can monitor bets, calculate odds, and set margins on the spot. This makes it easier for online venues to offer an almost ridiculous amount of betting options across various events and categories.

This means that not only can you place bets even on obscure games and eSports tournaments, but you can find sites that take very specific and technical bets. This can be very fun, especially if you are with a group of friends who all have in-depth knowledge of the sport you’re all watching.

5 – Competition

Bookmakers know that players will prefer to place bets in locations that are close to them and convenient, so they only have to compete with each other within the scope of a city, if not an entire block. But online venues are competing at a national scale, which gives them much more incentive to offer great deals in order to hook and keep a loyal customer base.

That’s why online betting sites often offer better lines, more generous payouts, and a large number of sign-up perks and loyalty bonuses. This allows players to get a lot more bang for their buck when they switch to betting online.

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