Sorry, Floyd, This Is What You Signed up for When You Opened the Door to the Paul Brothers

Sorry, Floyd, This Is What You Signed up for When You Opened the Door to the Paul Brothers


Sorry, Floyd, This Is What You Signed up for When You Opened the Door to the Paul Brothers


At first, there was something mildly entertaining about Jake Paul stealing Floyd Mayweather’s hat. It all started when the legendary welterweight was in Miami Gardens to promote his upcoming exhibition match with Logan Paul, when mayhem broke out after the younger Paul brother, Jake, stole Mayweather’s hat. Predictably, it slowly turned into the childish farce that any spectacle involving the two Paul brothers eventually becomes.

The Circus Is in Town

A visibly annoyed Mayweather had to be restrained by his entourage as he fired off a stream of expletives at Paul who was in the middle of a melee, shrieking loudly ‘I got your hat.’ The cameras flashed and someone quite aptly kept demanding the two ‘knock it off.’ This perhaps was the perfect telling-off for the pair who were embroiled in a scene that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a kindergarten.

This all went on for a number of minutes and it appeared that Mayweather’s greatest grievance was that he had been disrespected by Jake Paul. It’s hard not to chuckle snidely at the offense taken by Mayweather when you consider that he was at an event promoting a fight with a man that has a record that reads 0-1, after losing to a fellow YouTuber, KSI. recalls the lead-up to what can only be described as a crazy episode in the history of boxing back in 2019.

Money Mayweather Can’t See the Bigger Picture

What Mayweather doesn’t grasp is that before Jake Paul even arrived in Miami Gardens, he was already involved in an undignified slapstick circus. Now, should one be surprised if they head to the circus where they are invited on stage with clowns and end up getting a pie in the face? It seems par for the course, as does the immature behavior when you’re dealing with the brothers who gatecrashed the world of combat sports.

The damage to Floyd’s reputation had already been done by accepting this fight. In many ways, Mayweather’s willingness to go head-to-head with a YouTuber ultimately contributed to what he deems the cardinal sin, anything that disrespects him. If the boxing legend didn’t know by now, no one with a vested interest in combat sports thought highly of him when his absurd fight with Logan Paul was announced. As far as the 44-year-old’s reputation goes, well, it’s a case of closing the stable door whilst the horse has already reached a nearby town.

Could Jake Paul Have Earned Himself a Fight with Floyd Mayweather?

One needs to keep in mind the possibility that even if this event wasn’t contrived, it will almost certainly lead to Mayweather fighting Jake Paul somewhere down the line. Indeed, there is now a narrative and the public’s interest has been piqued. It appears that Jake Paul is playing the long game by looking ahead when you take into account that it would be very surprising if his brother Logan ended up beating Mayweather who has a record of 50-0.

Jake Paul has a slightly better record than his brother but that’s predominantly down to the fact that he hasn’t fought an actual boxer yet. The 24-year-old’s last match came against former UFC fighter Ben Askren which admittedly, was a step up from a retired basketball player and a YouTuber, but anyone with any background knowledge of the sport knew the result was coming.

It wasn’t just knowledgeable punters but also the UFC betting sites from around the world, like, who have been following Askren’s progress throughout his career that expected him to lose. This page which covers UFC betting strategy and tips highlights the importance of having as much knowledge as possible before making a bet. After all, the more you know about the ‘fight game’, the more accurately you can predict what is going to happen. Indeed, anyone who had watched Askren fight in the UFC before his bout with Paul knew that his expertise lay in the art of wrestling and not boxing. All it took was less than one round for the fight with Paul to be stopped after a brutal early knockdown.

It was a carefully orchestrated fight that served to increase Paul’s profile in the boxing world in order to prolong his stay in the sport. It was a successful gamble that paid off. So one can all of a sudden see how the narrative would be sold to the public if and when Mayweather beats Logan Paul, given that his younger brother is still undefeated. Jake Paul has put the undefeated champion boxer into a situation where he will have to fight him, but it is ultimately Mayweather who must shoulder the responsibility for this current fiasco.

Indeed, Mayweather has made it his personal business to let the world know how much money he has made over the course of his career. Scroll through his Instagram page and you will see Mayweather showing off his collection of cars and private jets, the intended message is ‘I’ve made it and have it all.’ With this in mind, it seems as if there was no reason as at all to entertain the Paul brothers, but now that he has, his entire legacy is on the line.

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