How To Improve Your Athletic Performance With Vape Juice?

How To Improve Your Athletic Performance With Vape Juice?

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How To Improve Your Athletic Performance With Vape Juice?


 Health experts traditionally don’t recommend habits such as vaping to athletes. But vaping is currently on the rise, especially among athletes, and the reason is that it boosts their performance. 

Sportspeople need more than hard work and good genes to win the game; they also need to go against the grain. For professionals or new athletes, vaping quality e-juice can separate you from the rest and make you the best in your athletic quest.

Vaping is not dangerous and you can incorporate it into your routine based on the outcomes you need. Therefore, you should buy a cheap vape juice and try vaping routinely. You might be surprised that in no time, it will improve your endurance, and you will be knocking out personal records on heavy lifts sooner than you thought.

Jan 29, 2020; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center DeMarcus Cousins shoots at the conclusion of a workout at Los Angeles Lakers Training Facility. The Lakers practice was the first since the death of Kobe Bryant. Bryant, who played his entire career with the Lakers, died with his daughter and 7 others in a helicopter crash Sunday Jan. 26, 2020. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

How Vaping Affects Exercise

Most vape juices contain nicotine but there are nic-free vape juices as well. The prevailing view is that nicotine is harmful, which is not entirely true. Nicotine is addictive, but recent studies show that apart from its addictive potential, it could actually be beneficial to your health. 

Smoking nicotine, however, is harmful because of the by-products of combustion. Vaping does not produce any smoke or other chemicals produced during combustion. The vapor does not contain tar that can clog your lungs and reduce your functioning capacity. If you inhale smoke, then you will definitely undermine your performance, but that is not the same case with vaping

Nicotine and other compounds used in vape juice, such as CBD, actually improve athletic performance. This is because nicotine is a stimulant and will help you work out harder by giving you a boost of energy when you need it.

How To Improve Your performance with Vape Juice

Improve Your Blood Flow

Blood helps transport nutrients and energy to different parts of the body. It also helps eliminate carbon dioxide and other wastes from the body, making your body more efficient. As an athlete, you need efficient blood flow to maximize your potential.

Vaping (with or without nicotine) increases blood flow, which is crucial for intensive exercise and improves your performance. For example, if you lift weights or engage in activities requiring endurance, you might benefit from vaping nicotine. This is because you need good circulation to provide energy to your muscles during a performance.

Your muscles also produce lactic acid during intense workouts. If your circulation does not eliminate the acid as fast as it’s produced, it will accumulate and cause muscle cramps. 

Your muscle fibers also tear during exercise or performance. Efficient blood circulation is essential in delivering nutrients to the muscles for repair. Quick and effective repair helps heal your muscles and make them stronger for the next workout, which will improve your performance in the long run.

May 19, 2021; Kansas City, Kansas, USA; Sporting Kansas City midfielder Felipe Hernandez (21) kicks the ball during a training session at Compass Minerals National Performance Cneter. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Increase Your Physical Energy Levels

Athletes need bursts of energy during performance and training. Well, as a stimulant, nicotine, or even CBD, comes with the advantage of boosting your energy supply. Vape juice containing these ingredients can increase your heart rate, signaling the central nervous system that the body needs more energy. The nervous system then triggers a boost in physical energy levels.

Most people who vape before exercise report experiencing feeling more energetic, which improves their performance. This means that when you vape right before your athletic event, you could boost your physical strength by simply signaling the nervous system that your body needs more energy.   

Improve Your Lung Capacity

Do you know that vaping can increase your deep breathing? Vape juice improves breathing by increasing lung capacity. In fact, athletes who switch to vaping report better breathing, which improves their performance.

Recent studies show that vaping increases airway resistance, which is essential for endurance exercises. In addition, vaping can increase your lung capacity simply because it helps exercise your lungs. When you vape, you inhale deeper than you do in normal breathing, which helps improve both lung function and capacity.

Improve Your Concentration

If you’re performing but not focused, the chances are that you will not hit your full potential. Issues such as stage anxiety or just distractions could affect your performance even if you are an elite athlete. But do you know that vaping e-juice rich in nicotine or CBD can help you focus more?

You can harness the power of nicotine that makes it so irresistible to smokers. It improves concentration and attention and can help you focus on the issue at hand if you feel a bit distracted. Furthermore, studies show that nicotine patches improve brain activity on sections that control concentration and work memory. So, vaping improves brain signaling in areas associated with visual arousal, attention, and motor activation, which are critical for athletic performance.

But even vaping non-nicotine vape juice can help you relax and focus better.  The act of vaping, which involves deeply inhaling and exhaling, can be pretty relaxing. Breathing deeply can help you relax; that’s why you are advised to exercise deep breathing when you are in panic mode. The breathing mechanism helps the mind relax, therefore, reducing anxiety. 

Final Word

Little is known about the long-term effects of vaping, especially on the lungs. However, vaping makes the lungs expand and contract more, taking in more air and exhaling deeply, which has many benefits on the body.

You don’t have to vape e-juice containing nicotine or other ingredients to improve your athletic performance. Just the physical effects of vaping are enough to bring notable changes in your performance.

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