5 Popular Sports Betting in Australia You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Popular Sports Betting in Australia You Don’t Want to Miss


5 Popular Sports Betting in Australia You Don’t Want to Miss


In every culture, sport plays a massive role. Australians love sports and enjoy playing, watching the games on television, going to games, and wagering bets on the games too. The kind of passion for sports in Australia is unmatched globally. The different sports dominate the fans’ interests hence their high popularity.

The betting industry has grown over the years while moving from the traditional system to a modernized system and trends such as online betting. People from around the world stake a lot of money on various sports. Australians bet on games that are played often, popular games, and on national sports.

The article highlights the 5 most popular sports betting in Australia that will offer you the best experience in sports betting.

1. Horse Racing

May 30, 2021; Elmont, New York, USA; Sunday morning workouts for the 2021 Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park. Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Horse racing has been the most popular and associated with gambling in history. It is still the most popular sport globally for gambling enthusiasts. One big advantage of the sport is that you can bet on horse racing around the world 24/7.

Australians not only watch horse races on television but also attend racing events and place bets. As a sport of aristocracy for Australians, the sport is one of the oldest gambling disciplines in the country. There are numerous horse races in Australia and a lot of good bookmarkers online to help you place your bets.

2. AFL

The USA has American Football while Australians have their Australian Rules football which is one of the most popular sports in the country. The betting market on Australian Football League (AFL), the most popular league in Australia, has grown with the sport’s popularity.

Australian betting sites offer events on this sport from national league to college action. The most popular teams being Hawthorn Hawks, Geelong Cats, Sydney Swans, and West Coast Eagles. Looking at statistics on previous games and events helps gambling decisions when teams are unpredictable. There are betting sites that offer AFL tips for ease of placing bets.

3. NRL

Warrior Rugby beats visiting St. Charles 32-7 on Friday.
NEW warrior rugby st charles 13

Rugby is also one of the popular sports in Australia and has been competing with Australian Football for attention for many years. A lot of Australians play the sport in high school, college, universities, or national leagues.

Betting charts on Australian rugby have risen over the years with the nation’s high ranking of the game. Rugby is also a globally popular sport and favours worldwide online gambling. The National Rugby League is the popular league in Australia and attracts a lot of attention.

4. NBA

Over the last few decades, basketball has risen in popularity all over the world. It is a popular sport in Australia and attracts a lot of attention both for the disciplines enthusiasts and betting. Basketball is played in Australian schools and universities with a domestic and national league.

In terms of gambling, basketball is extremely popular. The NBA attracts a lot of viewers, events, and bookmarkers. Australian basketball is associated with the National Basketball League (NBL) and provides lots of gambling opportunities. The two major leagues in Australia include the female’s Opals and the males’ Boomers. Each offers equal betting opportunities.

5. Greyhound racing

Greyhounds in Australia are bred for racing and winning. It is one of the perfect sports opportunities to gamble on in Australia. This unique sport has been around for years and if you are an enthusiast with great instincts, you can make a lot of money betting on these dogs.

Greyhound racing offers a more detailed betting guide than horses hence easy to spot a winner from the given statistics. All you need to develop a winning bet strategy is given. The race has many markets one can place bets on. The betting strategy is affected by factors such as the dog’s form, the racing distance, the draw, the grading, and the dog’s trainer. Placing bets on greyhound racing online is easy with numerous betting sites and tip sites.

Finding a thrilling competition to bet on, be it horse racing, basketball or football is not difficult as the various sports events can be found online. Online betting is very convenient for gamblers for global gambling and sports.

Bookmarkers online are many and available on different websites offering various great opportunities to people. Some sports are more popular and exciting in gambling than others. Betting is fascinating and has been part of the entertainment industry for years. Picking a good betting site will give you the best experience compared to bad or fake sites.

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