Sinclair Broadcast Group Honored with Nine Cynopsis Sports Media Awards 

Sinclair Broadcast Group Honored with Nine Cynopsis Sports Media Awards 

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Sinclair Broadcast Group Honored with Nine Cynopsis Sports Media Awards 


The Sinclair Broadcast Group: Sports Media Honors

Sinclair Broadcast Group has announced that several of their sub-networks have won awards. The networks that won awards include the Tennis Channel. In addition, the High School Sports Division of that channel was awarded together won a combination of nine of the Cynopsis Sports Media Awards. In addition, Sinclair brought home the title of RSN of the Year.

Sinclair’s Many Accolades

 Sinclair Broadcast Group received several awards throughout the evening. The president and CEO of the company, Chris Ripley, felt thrilled and honored about the accolades. He mentioned how “sports broadcasting” is the soul of the Sinclair broadcast-Group.

Mr. Ripley continued to express how the awards are a testament to the company’s commitment stated that providing national and regional audiences with high-level-quality content is essential to the company.

In addition, providing extraordinarily high-quality content is linked to their commitment. Chris Ripley also acknowledged that we are living in challenging times. Ripley showed his gratitude by declaring thanks on behalf of the entire Sinclair Broadcast Group team.

A Conglomerate of Regional Networks

Several local sports networks make the Sinclair Broadcast Group function. The once FOX Sports Regional Sports Networks, officially rebranded earlier this year and known now as Bally Sports Networks, were also big winners of the evening.  Bally won a collective of seven awards, including Bally Sports-Florida being named RSN of The Year!

Also, Bally Sports-Florida has been broadcasting for over twenty years. Both Bally Sports Sun and Bally Sports-Florida are home to the local NBA team Orlando Magic and the NBA’s Miami Heat.


Florida is home to six professional league sports teams. In addition, the regional networks that are a conglomerate of Sinclair deliver over 700 live broadcasted sporting events. This includes over 300 coverage programs based in the studio. Within those numbers, there are unique programs broadcast throughout the year.

Further Cynopsis Sport-Media Accolades:

• Live-Coverage of Reginal/Local Sporting Event(s) – Bally Sports South

• Thirty-Second Spot /Local Coverage – Bally Sports South

• Award for Marketing Campaign Regional/Local – Bally Sports Sun

• Over Thirty Second Second-Spot Award/ Local – Bally Sports-Florida and Bally Sports Sun

• Seasonal Coverage Award/ Regional – Bally Sports Midwest

• Best Social-Media Use Award – Bally Sports San Diego

Tennis Channel President and Production Executive

Ken Solomon, President of the Tennis Channel, won the award of Hall of Fame Luminary.  Mr. Solomon received the honor because of his excellence in innovation in his current role at Sinclair. He helped rethink how the channel was to be in touch with tennis fans and viewers within the country and the entire globe. As a result, he changed the way the public and devotees enjoy tennis content.

Production manager of the Tennis Channel’s Bob Whyley was a contender for the Production-Executive category. The Sinclair Broadcast Group owns the channel. It is considered the first choice among devotees for lifestyle content within the world of tennis and the game itself.

Their content is seen in the United States and some European districts. In addition, fans can watch tennis matches from around the globe. As a conglomerative, Whyley and Solomon have given many decades of knowledge to the Tennis Channel.

High School Division-Awards

The “National Cynopsis” Bringing Football Back-to-America award went to the Sinclair Broadcast Group. The award was presented for the Best Programming and Innovation category during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sinclair’s high school sports division has live coverage of regional/local high school sports nationwide. The broadcast company strives to invest in the production, promotion, and projects to help broadcast regional/local high school sports to fans by using multiple media platforms.

The Cynopsis Sports Media Awards is a program committed to commemorating the efforts of gifted hosts, sponsors, producers, and executives.

About Sinclair Broadcast-Group, Inc.

Sinclair Broadcast-Group, Inc. operates and owns twenty-one sports network brands. This includes the provision of services to 186 television stations within 87 markets. The company is a leader in the media and telecommunications field, providing local news across the US.

Sinclair Broadcast-Group, Inc. has television stations connected to all major broadcasting networks in the United States.

You can see their content across multiple platforms, including multiple-channel video programming distributors, over-the-air media, and digital platforms.

Sinclair believes in embracing diversity as a company and a prominent source for news and regional/local sports. In addition, Sinclair Broadcast-Group, Inc. utilizes its website regularly as a central source of company information at

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