The Athletic Trainer, Jordan Collins: Born to Excel! 

The Athletic Trainer, Jordan Collins: Born to Excel! 


The Athletic Trainer, Jordan Collins: Born to Excel! 


Each person is uniquely built, and so their approach towards life is different too. Some are way too focused and determined to achieve their goals and dreams. In contrast, some are ‘couch potatoes’ with zero motivation to do anything in life. The difference between the two is that the latter is always nagging and unhappy about their situation in life. On the other hand, there are people who keep moving forward regardless of their circumstances. Their vision towards their future is crystal clear that no adversity can lower their spirits. Similar is the case of the professional athlete trainer Jordan. 

Jordan is an American professional sports performance specialist and independent contractor at DBC Fitness in Miami. He focuses on speed, power, and mobility enhancement. He also lays great emphasis on injury prevention, return to play and movement therapy to enhance the quality of life. Jordan has over sixteen years of experience training and preparing young athletes to perform well in their careers. He is one of those strong-minded individuals who transformed their childhood dreams into reality and are now living the life they had always imagined.

Inclined towards sports from childhood, Jordan always dreamt of building a career in the sports industry. The trainer was born in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania on 12th September 1985 and later relocated to Columbus at the age of ten. His passion for sports was evident since his childhood as he was involved in a number of sports activities in his school. Jordan has a grounded personality and has close-knit family relations. Although he had supportive and motivating parents, he owns most of his success to his grandfather. According to Jordan, his grandfather was the one who ignited the spark in him to build a career in sports. He remembers him saying,Jordi… you do know the human body is the most amazing, beautiful and complex machine ever created?This was enough for Jordan to realize that sports were his ultimate goal. As a kid, Jordan played hockey, soccer, and martial arts. He always admired his coaches and physical trainers, who worked hard to keep the players fit and motivated. Their high spirits and passion for seeing their players succeed amazed Jordan as a kid. As he was an active sports player during his school years, he never missed a game and always performed well. Unfortunately, due to a fracture and nerve damage in his lower back, he had to discontinue playing. 

The Only Way Is UP!

It is the strong mind that hews its way through a thousand difficulties

Being true to the quote, Jordan did not let the setbacks take over his life. He realized that he could be associated with sports even with his injury. He then embarked on the journey of becoming a professional trainer. Before that, he completed his studies and graduated from Auburn University with a Master’s degree in Biomechanics and Human Movement. This change in the direction of his career turned out to be a positive one – evident from his position in the training industry today. 

As any field requires a certain amount of certification and training before stepping into the professional world, Jordan too earned a number of reputable certifications. He holds certifications of DBC Level One, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Functional Movement Screen (FMS), and Total Motion Release (TMR). Before joining DBC, he served as a research assistant for DMC diagnostics and coached at the Brookstone school. He also directed the Strength and Conditioning for Team USA handball. His career graph includes him working as a Fitness Director at the Columbus Country Club. He has also offered Sports Medicine and Recovery services at his own Sports Performance facility in Georgia.

Learned under the guidance of sports veterans such as John Davies, Lance Kelley and Bill Jones, Jordan’s ability to train and develop players is exceptional. He is an expert in examining the different dynamics of the body and then advising them on specific or special exercises and training strategies. Today he trains a variety of professional male and female athletes playing different sports, including; football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis, golf, track and field. His future plans include expanding his youth athlete mentorship to reach a larger and diverse audience. He also wishes to develop his outdoor linear speed program and further develop his mobility and injury prevention work on a wide scale, and not restricting them for athletes.

With more than a decade of experience, personal learnings, and a number of certifications under his belt, Jordan is one of the most skilled trainers in America. His staunch behavior towards the goals in his life and the never-giving-up attitude earned him the fame and recognition he has today. Training under his guidance will surely lead young aspirants to the path of victory and success.

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