What do you need to know about waistband holsters?

What do you need to know about waistband holsters?


What do you need to know about waistband holsters?


When searching about holsters, you come across IWB pretty frequently. IWB is Inside The Waistband, where the pistol is held between the hand and waistband. It can be put in pants or shorts, as per people’s likings. An IWB holster can be worn anywhere in the body. It depends on the waistband, depending on the build and comfort. Further, IWB is perfect for concealed carry since it rests beneath the clothes. Like with any holster, the main points are trigger safety, gun fit, and retention. The IWB is pointed as locations on the body. Think of it the same as the clock, with 12 being the belly button and 6 being the small back. So, if the IWB is positioned in the hip, then it will be 3o clock in the body. 

What are IWB holsters made of?

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There are various materials used in making IWB holster. Further, it can be hard plastic, Kydex, nylon, and leather. 

1. Kydex

Kydex is such a common material that is rigid material from which the IWB holster is made. The holster material can be molded and heated as per the choices of the owners. Also, there are two popular IWB choices made from Kydex. One of the Kydex shell that comes with a strong metal clip. 

The clip goes over the waistband and belt. In contrast, the other type is IWB holsters made from large leather pieces. It goes against the skin for creating a comfortable fit. The Kydex feels so safe and secure. 

2. Leather

Leather is yet another standard waistband holster. Likewise, these leather holsters act as a barrier between the skin. It helps to break away from the wear and tear, making it a custom fit. It can fit any particular type of body. In sports mostly, people use leather holsters because it matches with the skin. 

3. Nylon

Nylon IWB holster in sports is the least expensive one. It comes with soft-side holsters having no clip. The nylon materials provide the grip to keep the holsters in place while playing. Also, these holsters are not good with loose clothing. 

Location of bands on the waist

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There are several locations where the IWB holster can be put. Besides, it starts with a 12 o clock in the belly button and goes down depending on choice. 

1. The 1:00 or 2:00 location

The Appendix is the proper carry-in sports as people find it comfortable to wear. Secondly, It depends on the size of the gun, shape, sitting, and standing position. 

2. The 3:00 location

It is a strong position, especially if you are right-handed. Further, learn to use it regularly from outside wearing the waistband holster. An IWB works perfectly in this location. 

3. The 6:00 position

It is best for a concealed carry, primarily if you are right-handed. If you are left-handed, you will need an excellent grip to make the draw. 


The carrying waistband is very versatile to make the adjustments. An IWB is simple and easy to carry, making it comfortable to wear. 

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