3 Helpful Golfing Tips For Beginners

3 Helpful Golfing Tips For Beginners


3 Helpful Golfing Tips For Beginners


Golf is the perfect multi-purpose activity. You can play it alone or hit the course for a few beers and socialize.

It’s a good game for people who aren’t used to playing sports because being a decent golfer doesn’t take the honed physique that sports like basketball and football do. Or, if you’ve always dreamt of becoming a golfer and playing major championships, you can labor to your heart’s content perfecting your game.

These golfing tips will help you whether you’re picking up a new hobby or dedicating yourself to a new sport.

1. Build up to Playing

There are plenty of admirable comeback stories in the history of golf from people who dealt with far bigger complications than a bad start. Still, you want your first few times on the golf course to leave a good impression and ease you into the sport. Starting a new hobby or sport in the right mental space makes achieving your goals much easier.

Apply this to golf by building up to your first full outing. Try hitting plastic balls on a mat at home, then move to a practice range that lets you hit off grass. Making that shift rather than moving from home practice to serious competition helps you improve and adjust to the real deal before you set out.

Jun 4, 2021; Dublin, Ohio, USA; Rory McIlroy chips onto the 17th green during the conclusion of the rain-delayed first round of the Memorial Tournament golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

2. Don’t Get Too Caught up in Image

Golf can be an expensive sport, as the costs of equipment, lessons, and—more than anything—entrance fees and club memberships add up fast.

Don’t let that turn you away: Anyone can play golf if they have the means to get on a course now and then. However, keep in mind that there’s a glamorous side to the sport that suggests you need $200 shirts, fancy shoes, and pro-quality clubs even if you’re a beginner.

If you balked at the concept, don’t worry because it’s not true. All you need to get started golfing is basic equipment and appropriate clothing, not designer gear. That attitude persists because high-society types who use golf as a status symbol are willing to shell out the cash.

If you get caught up in your image as a golfer, you’ll both waste money and lose focus on your skills. Focusing on fashion before mastering the basics is a good way to end up dissatisfied and broke.

3. Keep Others in Mind During Play

Getting so deep in “the zone” that you tune all distractions out can help you become a truly great golfer. As much as focusing is key to building your skills, you can’t get so honed in that you ruin others’ experiences.

Some basics of golf etiquette include avoiding slow play, not walking between someone’s ball and the hole, and filling in/smoothing out divots you make in the grass and sand.

Jun 4, 2021; Dublin, Ohio, USA; Jordan Spieth hits out of a bunker on the 17th hole during the conclusion of the rain-delayed first round of the Memorial Tournament golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Golfing Tips and Other Sports Info for a Better Life

After reading this list of helpful golfing tips, you’re ready to hit a course or driving range and apply them. You’ll enjoy the game more and develop your skills faster with some knowledge in your pocket.

If you want to pick up other sports and recreation ideas that will make your life better, you found the right website. Click on another article and discover new ways to have a more active and enjoyable life.

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