5 tips to increase your shooting accuracy before your rifle hunt

5 tips to increase your shooting accuracy before your rifle hunt


5 tips to increase your shooting accuracy before your rifle hunt


Let’s be honest.  We have all been there one or the other time with a shot at a shooter, bull, or buck. You had everything; the wind was perfect, the animal was broadside but out of range. And you missed a close shot. Doesn’t that sound awkward? 

Do you think having a good quality scope could have helped you with the shot? You can look for the most popular scopes among hunters

And for now, it is now time to enhance your shooting skills for the next hunting season. It will help you make a well-placed shot on the quarry. Here are 5 tips to increase your shooting accuracy before you start the rifle hunt. 

Fidelia Kurtz looks through her scope for deer in the woods on the way out to her hunting stand in Snow Hill on Thursday, Nov 8, 2018.
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1. Buy quality rings, scope, and mounts 

Please plan to spend a similar amount of money or even more on scope, mounts, and rings. It is because a quality scope supports you in low-light shooting situations. A superior quality scope has precise wind exposure and elevation adjustments. You might often lap the rings of the scoped rifles with the best mounting systems. Misaligned rings exert bending pressure on the scope tube. 

The farther you adjust the scope from the optical center, the more the potential of a darker or distorted picture. A lapping kit comes with a handle, steel lapping tube, lapping compound, and instructions. 

2. Clean the rifle barrel 

Yes! Several shot-out hunting rifles need an excellent deep-cleaning to restore accuracy. It will help if you look into the rifle’s muzzle in the sunlight. If you notice a lot of shining copper, then the rifle needs cleaning. Let me tell you that accuracy decreases as copper fouling and powder residue accumulate in the barrel. 

Please do not purchase a low-quality inexpensive gun-cleaning kit. However, go for a premium quality rifle-cleaning framework that holds the rifle during the cleaning appropriately.  A cleaning rod guide is also a must. The rod guide protects the chamber and prevents solvents from returning to the trigger group and chamber. One-piece and solid cleaning rods with handles that rotate freely allow the rod to twist and spin while cleaning.

3. Skip the bipod 

A bipod makes shooting more comfortable. However, you do not need a bipod always during the hunt. Skipping a bipod will save you from carrying some extra weight on the rifle setup. Shooting from a knee or hindquarter is almost similar to a bipod. While sitting during the hunt, you can sit with your legs crossed and place the bag pack inside the legs. 

You can also place the rifle across the pack on the back to increase the height. You can roll it on the side and shoot from there. It will give you a stable platform if the bag has a frame. While leaning slightly, you can find an appropriate spot to shoot. 

Adjustments are made to the scope on a rifle being sighted in so the bullets hit at the intersection of the crosshairs in the scope as part of the Daniel Boone Conservation League annual series of Sight-in Clinics at the range in Hubertus on Sunday. Hunters were preparing for deer hunting season, which opens Saturday.
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4. Practice longer shots 

You might have a comfort level when choosing the caliber while hunting for an animal. It can be 200 yards for some hunters while 500 for others. There is no secret if you want to increase the effective range from 50 yards to 200. Focused repetition is the key to improve shooting efficiency. 

Try to practice a few shots out of your comfort zone while hunting. Focus on all the minute details in the shot. Keep track of weather, sequence, and distances at which you shoot.  Please continue to practice the shots to build self-confidence. It will prepare you to take a shot out of the range while hunting an animal.

5. Check the trigger 

Do you know that a trigger pull is essential to make an accurate shot? There are hunting rifles with good to awful trigger pulls. A trigger having an excessive creep is the worst as it can break anytime. Another important precision factor is the bedding. An adjustable replacement trigger is the best suitable for shooting.

The accuracy of most of the rifles improves with a custom bedding job. The action fit or bedding takes a long time to prepare. You can decide to bed a rifle when it cannot shoot tight groups after trying different bullets. 


All in all, your rifle is a valuable tool that will perform with more efficacy if you spend time learning and practicing.  Work on the above tips, and you can improve the shooting accuracy significantly. You will miss fewer shots and hunt successfully in the next season.

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