The Monday (well, Tuesday) Bulletin

The Monday (well, Tuesday) Bulletin


The Monday (well, Tuesday) Bulletin



A quick snapshot at the week that was.


Biggest Upset: Luis Arias +500 over Jarrett Hurd


Notable New Champions:

  • Interim WBA Women’s Flyweight Champion: Eva Guzman
  • Interim WBA World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Dubois
  • Combat Jiu Jitsu Welterweight Champion: Roberto Jimenez


Going Forward:

  1. Well, it was a Good Run: After what seemed like much longer than it actually was and many quotable moments, Tito Ortiz has resigned from the Huntington Beach City Council.
  2. Moving On: Dear God, it’s finally over. The meaningless shitshow that was Floyd Mayweaether vs. Logan Paul is behind us and we can all move on from exhibitions and the Brothers Paul for a while.
  3. Ok, Sure: Whatever you says, Money. Talk about robbing the bank all you like, the fact is you couldn’t stop a Paul brother, and people are throwing shade on your legacy.

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