Zeus Arc GT Review: Optimize your vaping experience

Zeus Arc GT Review: Optimize your vaping experience


Zeus Arc GT Review: Optimize your vaping experience


If you decide to purchase the Zeus Arc GT, you’ll find your life’s challenges and problems will quickly go up in smoke, literally.

And we mean that in the best way possible.

We were able to purchase one (which you can do on the official Zeus Arc GT product page), and we’re pretty happy we did. It’s a well-made, quality vape, that heats up extremely fast, similar to some of the other top-of-the-line models out there on the market. We really loved the portability, as the vape fit comfortably in our pocket, and took up half the room our cell phone did. It was like having a second wallet, and we didn’t even know it was there.

And, most importantly, it produced a very clean, smooth draw.

But what differentiates the Arc GT from others on the market is all the goodies that come along with it, as you can see in the photo below.

We bought the Zeus Iceborn to complement the Arc GT, and somehow, the draws got even smoother. The Iceborn allows the user to fill the device with water, which eventually turns to ice once frozen. A flexible hose connects the Silicon mouthpiece from the Arc GT to the Iceborn, and the vapor is cooled by the ice inside of it. It’s wonderful, as you can see below.

The Arc GT was different than any other vape we’ve tested, in a good way. It’s clear that anyone at Zeus who worked on the product put a lot of time and thought into the design, and they solved a lot of the issues other vapes on the market often have. The battery life is exceptional, as it can really hold a charge. We were able to use it for well over an hour before we even thought about charging it (Zeus’ website says it can last 90 minutes, and we believe it).

And that’s not all, either. The portability is great for anyone that’s on the go, especially if you’re traveling, or out and about in an urban setting. It’s the perfect device to just put in  your pocket and not think about, but it’s there for you when you’re ready, and it heats up extremely quick.

There really weren’t any drawbacks to the Arc GT, aside from a bit of difficulty connecting the hose from the Arc GT to the Iceborn. But once we got the hang of it, there were no issues, and it was smooth sailing.

We’d recommend the device to anyone who’s looking for a clean, efficient vaping experience at a value price.

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