Raising Money While Keeping Fit: Easy Fundraising Ideas That Work For Any Sport

Raising Money While Keeping Fit: Easy Fundraising Ideas That Work For Any Sport


Raising Money While Keeping Fit: Easy Fundraising Ideas That Work For Any Sport


There is no shortage of good causes in the world, many of which are constantly vying for attention. One that is likely close to the heart of many parents is their children’s sports club. The reality is, such an initiative is likely community funded, leaving it with a constant need to raise money.

When it comes to fundraising for sports, there are many inventive ways to do this while maintaining the ethos behind activity in question. Sport is about so much more than simple physical health. It teaches us about perseverance, team work, and healthy competition. In this article, we look at some easy fundraising ideas to help raise money for your competition. 

Fun run

Many of us will remember doing fun runs in our youth and will have fond memories of having done so. Fun runs are a great way to mobilize the community and raise funds for your sports competition. 

Fun runs are characterized by mass running events. This can include road running or cross-country events, and all of the participants will be “sponsored,” meaning that if they complete the challenge, their sponsors (usually friends, family, and workplaces) will donate an agreed contribution to the represented organization. Being a “fun” run, these are friendly events that promote participation as opposed to competition. 

The benefit of a fun run is that they are contagious and provide great visibility. Many participants can spread the message of the cause further by including donation links on t-shirts, meaning that the general public and onlookers can easily contribute additional funds. Such initiatives are especially necessary against a backdrop of increasing sports fees for children. (1)

Laundry detergent fundraiser

A laundry detergent fundraiser is ideal for youth sports fundraising. They often require no upfront costs and promote positive behaviors in the community, like cleanliness. They are characterized by the sale of five-gallon buckets of detergent. New elements are often included at sports fairs, such as timed 50-meter sprints while holding a five-gallon bucket of detergent. A prize is then awarded to the fastest time at the end of the day. 


It’s true that sports have a focus on our physical and mental health, but fundamental to this is our connection to the outdoors and nature. Many sports are played in grassy parks and fields, and a large-scale event like the Tour de France highlight the scenic beauty of southern France. For these reasons, it makes sense to combine sports fundraising with an emphasis on the natural environment and the importance of being outdoors. 

With the plant-a-difference scheme, groups of both children and adults will spend a day or more planting trees. People sponsoring the event will donate an amount of money for each tree that gets planted. 

The initiative not only raises money, but it also spreads awareness about biodiversity while contributing to an increase in flora and fauna. As many participants learn during plant-a-difference campaigns, digging holes and planting trees is hard work that contributes a lot to a person’s fitness and stamina.

Bring a well-known sports personality to your town for an exhibition match

If your children are playing sports for a hobby, chances are that they probably enjoy the larger, national competitions too. It is more than likely that they look up to and idolize some of the players within these leagues. 

Bringing in a high-profile player can give your sport teams the chance to play a friendly match against them. This allows them the opportunity to observe professional skills first hand, and is a fun and comedic sight to see an adult professional of high esteem playing against amateur children.

With the name of a well-known athlete to draw crowds to your event, many of the adults will be willing to pay a fee to watch the friendly match. Having the children play such an unevenly matched game can increase strategy, collaboration, and bonding within the team

Hold a field day

Everybody, even parents, likes a good day out with fun, games, and activities. A field day is a great way to get your whole community involved in sports challenges, leaving them with fond memories of the competition and day. 

These can often be held at a school or fenced oval space where you can charge admittance for everyone who attends. Once there, food stalls and games can provide entertainment and bring more funds into the fundraiser. 

Some activities include mass games of dodgeball, relays, tug-of-war, obstacle courses, and treasure hunts. These activities are not structured events quite like a football or baseball league that you are fundraising for, but they are activities that any child can partake in, regardless of skill level. 

By demonstrating to the wider community of children the thrill and fun of sports events, this boosts engagement and can lead to increased signups. (2)

In conclusion

If trying to fundraise for a sports initiative, it makes sense to do something related to the activity you’re trying to fund. By organizing a fun run, an exhibition match, sports focused field day, or an environmental initiative, this can boost revenue while simultaneously promoting the benefits of your organization. 


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