The Many Benefits of Thermal Underwear 

The Many Benefits of Thermal Underwear 


The Many Benefits of Thermal Underwear 


Feature Image Credit: Kamaji Ogino from Pexels

If you love hiking, camping, and spending time outdoors, then you’re probably grateful that summer has finally arrived. While you can still do all of those things in the cooler seasons, it’s just not the same as the summertime. The weather is much warmer this time of year, and it’s so nice to feel the sunshine on your face as you climb up that hill or paddle along the lake.

Are you planning an outdoors-focused trip this summer? Before you pack for the vacation, you’ll have to remember to bring along your thermal underwear, and here’s why.

What is Thermal Clothing?

Thermal clothing keeps your body at the right temperature while moisture (or sweat) is removed. It’s perfect for keeping you nice and cool during the summer. Also called “long underwear,” thermal underwear comfortably fits your body and is perfect to wear while you’re out in the woods under a pair of hiking pants. 

They’re Breathable 

Arguably, the number one reason why experienced outdoorsy people choose thermal underwear for hiking and other summertime activities is its breathability level. Unlike cotton, thermal doesn’t absorb water. It regulates your body temperature as you sweat because it leads sweat and moisture away from your body. 

Regardless of what activity you’re participating in, you’ll never have to worry about feeling too sweaty and hot with thermal base layers. You’ll be dry, cool, and comfortable as can be.

They Dry Quickly 

If you’ve ever taken a camping trip, you’ll know that even in the summer, the weather can be incredibly unpredictable. For example, have you ever been caught in a rainstorm while canoeing in the middle of a lake? Staying dry isn’t exactly an option. The last thing you’d want in a canoeing, hiking, or camping situation is wet underwear. 

You won’t have to worry about your wet thermal underwear for long because they dry quickly and effectively. 

They’ll Keep You Warm

When you sweat, your body feels a cooling sensation from the evaporation. It requires energy to evaporate sweat off the skin, and that energy is a type of heat. When your excess body heat — from hiking or moving your body around in various ways — converts beads of sweat into vapour, you start to cool down. 

You’ll know that if you’re camping and the temperature drops while you’re sleeping, cooling off isn’t something you want your body to be doing. Fortunately, thermal will keep you dry and warm even in cold temperatures because of its high breathability level.

They’re Comfortable

The right pair of thermal underwear will fit perfectly under any style of clothing — keeping you agile and comfortable. Sometimes long underwear can bunch up in unwanted places, causing discomfort and even pain. Find a set that will move snuggly and naturally with your body movements. You’ll also want to choose from several different colours and styles to get the precise look and feel you’re going for.

Summer is the season to explore all of the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. Before you hit the road for your outdoor adventure, be sure to pack a few pairs of thermal underwear to optimize your comfort and enjoyment!

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