A Basic Introduction to Stem Cell Therapy for Athletes

A Basic Introduction to Stem Cell Therapy for Athletes

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A Basic Introduction to Stem Cell Therapy for Athletes


Stem cell therapy is an exciting area of innovation within the medical world and one that many different types of people can benefit from.

Athletes are among those who can potentially benefit the most from this procedure. This is due to the high incidence of injury among athletes combined with their desire to heal as quickly as possible to return to their sport. 

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

After suffering several injuries to his joints during his career, former NFL player Eddie George makes his third visit to Regenerative Biologics Institute in Vero Beach for stem cell and growth factor injections. The injections help reduce pain and inflammation and increase functionality.
Tcn Eddie George

Stem cell therapy is the process of helping the cells of the body to repair and regenerate. This is achieved by introducing new stem cells into the body.

These stem cells are typically grown in a lab and will be specifically created to be the type of cell that is needed, such as a blood cell or nerve cell. 

This is a technique that is being used in many different parts of the globe, with some people questioning who is the leader in stem cell therapy in the world?

Athletic Injury 

When an athlete is injured, the patient in question will naturally want to get back to playing their sport as soon as possible. However, depending on the severity of the sporting injury, it could be months, or even years, before they are back to full function. This can have a significant impact on their career prospects and future sporting performance. In turn, this can also, of course, be of huge detriment to their mental health and happiness.

Attempting to return to playing sport too soon could lead to further injury and dramatically prolong recovery time. Some athletes who rush this process may find that they never play at the same level again. 

Stem Cell Therapy for Athletes

This type of regenerative medicine can yield fantastic results for athletes. 

By injecting stem cells into the injured area, the affected tissue is then able to heal much more efficiently and within a shorter time frame. 

One of the impressive benefits of stem cell therapy as a treatment option is that the risk of infection is incredibly small. Further complications caused by infection during more traditional treatment options can be devastating to an athlete’s recovery. 

Furthermore, this is a very cost-effective treatment option when compared to surgical routes. This is especially advantageous for younger athletes who may not have the funds or the insurance coverage to explore other options.

Natural Healing Process

Former professional football player Eddie George shares a laugh with regenerative medicine specialists Jason Griffeth (left) and Brett Haake on Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020, as he prepares to receive stem cell and growth factor injections in both knees and right shoulder at Regenerative Biologics Institute in Vero Beach. “What the injections will do is decrease inflammation, decrease pain and increase functionality,” said Haake, medical director for the institute. “We’re focusing on longevity. We’re focusing on optimizing someone’s functionality and minimizing their morbidity. We focus on prevention and intervening disease states earlier rather than later.” George suffered several injuries during his time playing football.
Tcn Eddie George 01

Stem cell therapy is an amazing way to enhance the natural healing process of the body. 

During a procedure, only the injured tissue will be treated, which means that the surrounding tissue is not disrupted at all. By including this type of therapy in a comprehensive recovery plan, an athlete may expect to shorten their recovery time.

Benefits to Former Athletes

During a sporting career, an athlete will place great strain on their body. Many people leave the sporting world with permanent injuries or other related health conditions. 

There is increasing evidence to suggest that undergoing stem cell therapy can help these former athletes to heal their bodies. This can help them to enjoy better health in later life and will mean they have greater independence and mobility for their retirement years.

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