Broken Again

Broken Again


Broken Again


I like to make you laugh with these posts. Sometimes I like to make you think. And every once in a while I try to make you look at things from a different perspective. This post will be none of these. Instead, I’m going to present the obvious:

If Jacob deGrom is hurt, we’re all screwed.

The Mets are screwed, you and I are screwed, and all of baseball and their fans are screwed because everyone would be deprived of watching the best at his profession working his craft. (Even you Nationals fans know deep down in your heart that’s true.) You’d be deprived of watching deGrom do things like strike out eight of his nine hitters on Wednesday in three perfect innings.

The Mets already had a 3-0 lead when deGrom left, thanks in part to deGrom’s RBI single in the second. The rest of the game was a blur. Sean Reid-Foley replaced deGrom and gave up a moon shot to Anthony Rizzo to make it 3-1. It would have been easy for the Mets to fold up shop after that, and after seeing their ace go down. But this team is nothing if not resilient, and thanks to a Kevin Pillar home run and good bullpen work after the Rizzo home run (except for the ninth where Luis Rojas was forced to bring in Edwin Diaz to get the final out), the Mets escaped with a 6-3 victory that might make it into the fine print of the night. Considering the circumstances, the Mets needed to see this victory through, just for their psyche.

deGrom has now gone from a strained lat to discomfort in his flexor tendons, to shoulder soreness. Continuing to meet his high standard of quality even through all of these injuries gives you hope that these are all isolated incidents, but there are no isolated incidents. If the Mets can figure out that he’s doing damage by overcompensating, then it’s time to let him rest and get everything right before coming back. Ferraris don’t run unless everything is perfect, and Jacob deGrom is much closer to a Ferrari than a beat up 23-year-old truck, which the Mets might have to sign to fill out the rotation.

We’re screwed if deGrom is out for a while. That much is obvious

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