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Matt Brown Scouting Report

Matt Brown Scouting Report

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Matt Brown Scouting Report


Matt Brown Scouting Report


6’0″ 170 lbs (Welterweight)
76″ reach, Orthodox
January 10, 1981


23-18 (UFC: 16-12)

Current Streak

1 straight win


Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Brown belt in Judo
Green belt in Jujutsu

Championships Held

ISCF East Coast Welterweight Champion: 2007 (no title defenses)



– as tough & scrappy as they come
– great chin – very hard to KO
– knockout machine – 14 of his wins via (T)KO
– above average reach both for his height & weight class
– really pushes the pace & brings the fight to his opponent
– very accurate striker
– mixes up striking well – punches, knees, kicks, etc.
– very dangerous in the clinch
– throws in unorthodox strikes
– constantly looking for submissions
– very experienced – been in the UFC since 2008
– trains with a good fight team
– trains at elevation
– looked good his last fight



– very susceptible to submissions – 10 losses via submissions
– very inconsistent – has gone on long losing streaks
– has never beaten an “elite” opponent
– poor takedown accuracy & defense
– mediocre striking defense
– gets hurt by body shots
– very old for a fighter


It’s looking like Matt Brown’s days in the octagon are numbered, but he’s still going strong regardless.


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