Tips to include Kratom and CBD in your Wellness Routine

Tips to include Kratom and CBD in your Wellness Routine

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Tips to include Kratom and CBD in your Wellness Routine


Everybody perceives wellness according to their routine and thoughts. Wellness is the practice of taking care of your physical and mental health simultaneously and regularly. Wellness is majorly affected by the work goals, the lifestyle we follow, and the environment we live in. The pandemic has changed and is still changing, the wellness routine and trends we were following. Our focus has changed and our priorities now include masking, sanitizing, boosting immunity, eating healthy, and staying fit. Some latest wellness trends we all need to know about and follow are: mindful eating, boosting and balancing your immunity and mental wellbeing

The wellness industry is booming with new products to boost your immunity and relax your mind. Herbal supplements hold a special place in the wellness industry. People rely on these supplements for various benefits like pain relief, pre & post-workout supplements for relaxing both the mind and soul. Let’s learn more about CBD and kratom which are the most popular herbal supplements trending in the health industry due to the numerous health benefits they deliver.

Why add Kratom and CBD to your wellness routine?

Kratom is gaining immense popularity in the wellness industry because of the wide range of benefits it provides. Kratom has been used for its energizing, relaxation, and general wellness for centuries by the indigenous people. Kratom is the name given to the leaves and products of leaves of an evergreen tree, Mitragyna speciosa. The tree belongs to the coffee family.

Kratom experience depends on many factors like the strain you are consuming, in which form you are consuming it, the dosage and time of its consumption. There is multiple strain available in the market like red vein, green vein, Indo kratom and many more. These are available in form of capsules as well. You might be curious to know which are the best Kratom Capsules Vendors Online? To know the best vendor, you should read the buyer’s reviews so you can compare them with other vendor’s reviews. There are trusted vendors like Goldenmonk which delivers good quality kratom products.

Let’s now talk about the other most popular herbal supplement CBD.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s the most popular herbal product that people love to add to their daily routine. And that’s obvious as well. If you are getting a product which is delivering you a number of health benefits with a negligible side effect, why won’t you use it? Everyone falls in love with CBD as it provides you relief from insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, pain, and many more health issues. 

The best thing about CBD is it doesn’t make you high. That means you won’t get any high sensation after consuming CBD products. There are multiple CBD products available that give you the flexibility to ingest them.

You can buy CBD vape juice, CBD gummies, CBD creams, CBD chocolates, oil, tincture, bath bombs, and many more. More availability means more choices available for ingesting it.

Tips to include CBD and Kratom in your wellness routine

If you are new to Kratom and CBD, here are some tips to include in your wellness routine and enhance your experience.

  • Always buy products from trusted vendors 

 If we talk about kratom and CBD, all botanical products undergo a long process to convert the plant parts into powder, capsules, gummies, or any product. The first step to include both of these herbal supplements in your routine is to buy a quality product. While buying, make sure if your vendor is reliable and trusted. It should be sourced from places where they keep extra care of farming practices to not let the soil be polluted with heavy metals. Trustworthy vendors will have all of their products third-party lab tested and will be transparent with their reports and certificates.

  • Determine what you need and when you need it

 All wellness enthusiasts consume wellness products with a different goal in mind. You can choose the Kratom strain and CBD products according to your goals as each product offers a unique set of benefits. Many people complain of bad first-time experiences. So if you are a beginner try choosing the right one by first reading about them. 

Kratom comes in various forms like powder, capsules, extracts, and tinctures. The powder has a bitter herbal taste and is a little difficult to measure the appropriate dose. But it is completely your choice how you want to consume it. People prefer capsules to avoid the bitter taste and also because it is easier to keep a record of dosage. You can also consume Kratom tea with a pinch of lemon in the morning or evening.

For CBD, there are CBD gummies, capsules, oil, tinctures which give you the flexibility that you can choose the one according to your requirements. For a sweet taste, CBD gummies will be the best while for skin applications, CBD topicals can be used.

  • If you are a beginner, Start Slow

The General recommended dose of Kratom is 2 to 3 grams twice in 24 hours and not more than that. But if you are a beginner, start with an even lower dose. Try consuming 2.4 grams in a week, and then gradually increase your dose. Do not try to mix different strains on the same day or week. For an overwhelming Kratom experience, you need to go slow and enjoy the journey. Similar things apply to the CBD dose. You should start from a low dose and gradually increase it. You can read blogs related to finding the right CBD serving for you.   


CBD and kratom, both are herbal health supplements that are good for your health. I hope now you are clear about the tips you should know before you add both of them to your wellness routine. Always make sure that you take the perfect dose so there will not be any risk of overdose that might be harmful. Consult a doctor or medical expert to know about it.


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