Benefits of sports protective glasses

Benefits of sports protective glasses

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Benefits of sports protective glasses


People who play sports and, at the same time, have myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, have more problems when it comes to enjoying their hobby without sports protective glasses. Often times, the glasses that they use regularly can drip off with sweat or become dislodged with the movements of sports practice. Therefore, poor vision will make it difficult to make tactical decisions on the pitch and will be detrimental in the case of team sports.

Also, in contact sports, a blow is very likely to cause the glasses to fall off or break. This is very dangerous, since being so close to the face can cause injuries to the eyes or the skin. In the worst case, the injuries may need surgery, so it is important to treat them immediately.

On the other hand, in outdoor sports, foreign materials can get into contact with the eyes, such as sand, dust, etc. This can cause allergies, erosions, or other types of infections that can have serious consequences on visual health.

Marshfield’s Alli Andrew knocks the goggles off of Scituate’s Mia Peterson after they colliding going after the loose ball in the third quarter of their game in the Patriot Cup at Scituate High on Wednesday, June 9, 2021. `
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Why wear sports safety glasses?

Protective sports glasses are specially designed for sports. These are light and flexible glasses, made of a very resistant material that adapt perfectly to the athlete’s face. In this way, they are prevented from moving while the athlete is protected from blows, even if there is a strong impact.

They also have ultraviolet protection, so the eyes are protected from UV rays, which must be protected all year round. Sun protection is not only necessary in summer! They are ideal for outdoor sports.

Today, their designs are current and are a complement to sports fashion that will help you have the image you want to project while practicing your favorite sport. There are countless models to match your sportswear!

Prescription protective glasses for sports

In addition, you will also be able to see perfectly, since the glasses can be graduated according to your visual needs. If you have any refractive error, such as hyperopia, myopia or astigmatism and even presbyopia, you will be able to see well and improve your sports performance.

Duxbury’s William Nolan celebrates his goal with Duxbury’s Wyatt Glass and Duxbury’s Ryan Nagle to give Duxbury the 9-5 lead in the third quarter of the Patriot Cup semifinal at Marshfield High on Thursday, June 10, 2021.
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In the case of progressive prescription protection glasses, this point is especially interesting, since in sports various types of vision must be used to be efficient: near, intermediate and far. With the progressives you can see well at all the distances you need in your sports practice!

The use of sunglasses such as Ray-ban sunglasses in sports should not be understood only as a complement to our sports look. A good choice in the glasses that we use to practice sports stimulates our optical ability and the protection of our eyes in disciplines that require it. Choose the ideal glasses for you and you will have no rival!

As in certain sports, the use of protections to avoid fractures, blows or other injuries is very widespread, it should be to the same extent in terms of protecting our eyes, which we often forget. If we do not take protective measures in front of our eyes, we can suffer certain accidents such as scratches in the cornea, fractures in the eye socket or a permanent loss of vision. In fact, the data indicates that each year about 40,000 people suffer significant eye injuries. That is why using specific glasses for sports practice is a great idea to protect the eyes and, in addition, it will help us improve our game.

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