TOP 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels About Sport

TOP 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels About Sport

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TOP 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels About Sport


Sports are gathering fans all around the world. No wonder that this industry is actively highlighted on social media, on YouTube in particular. People play, discuss, and exchange their experience about sports all the time, and of course, there are some influencers in this niche, who are the inspiration for others. Their YouTube views count by 500 every hour the videos are uploaded to the platform, and such a result is very impressive. In this article are exposed top 10 popular YouTube channels that cover the topic of sports and can serve as an example to follow. 

1. Bballbreakdown

This YouTube channel is dedicated to one of the most popular sports – basketball. The host – coach Nick – is exploring and overviewing games, personalities, and events that happen in this sphere, giving highlights to the most interesting things. The content on this channel receives a lot of views because it is a perfect mix of evergreen discussions and the latest updates that resonate with the audience. Along with general information, this channel provides an in-depth analysis of games and events that impact the industry. 

2. The Ringer

This channel is founded by a former ESPN writer Bill Simmons. Under his careful drive, this channel mixes both the American sports industry and pop culture, creating a colorful description of American culture in general. Along with different videos, The Ringer produces podcasts for their fans as well. These are also uploaded on YouTube. Here sports fans will find entertaining and informative videos about their favorite industry events and personalities. For example, one type of content is dedicated to famous sportsmen replaying the scenes from their favorite movies. 

3. Joseph Vincent

This YouTuber always gets thousands of views and makes videos about sports celebrities in the form of brief documentaries. He includes a lot of archival footage in his videos and provides a thorough analysis of his athletic career. With his videos, even people who aren’t interested in sports can feel inspired by the lifespan of famous athletes, who often had to climb through the thorns to reach their current status. Vincent is covering both the retro and modern era of sports, highlighting many interesting facts from the past, for example, he has created the video about the legendary fight between Mohammad Ali and Joe Frazier, which took place in Manila.

4. Bleacher Report

This channel concentrated on sports, although the biggest popularity is brought to the authors with the help of the Game Of Thrones series. Although Bleacher Report covers many sports, like baseball and soccer, their ultimate power is Game Of Zones – an animated series that parodies the constant drama that happens in the NBA league. This content gets at least 500 views from people who are not active fans of basketball. 

5. Bundesliga 

The prominent football highlighter of Germany can be an example for many other channels on YouTube. Official football channels can be boring and brief, even for the most devoted fans, but this is not about Bundesliga. The authors of the channel are constantly filling it with the latest news, highlights, fresh reviews, and occasional fun content that makes dwelling on this channel easier and more engaging even for casual football fans. 

6. Chris Smoove

This man holds a huge audience of 5 million viewers. His channel has been established since 2006 and continues growing. The secret of Chris’s popularity is in highly engaging content and his bright personality that attracts many fans and hits. Nowadays Chris is building his career as a basketball player. Along with basketball, Chris also is a fan of gaming and releases videos about his progress in favorite titles. Besides basketball, this author also covers UFC seasons.

7. LOLNetwork

This channel seems to be not related in any way to the topic of sports, but one segment of Kevin Hart’s content is actually connected to that. This is a special talk show “Cold As Balls”, where Kevin invites prominent stars of the sports industry and interviews them while sitting in the cold tub. The impeccable sense of humor of the host along with the genuine reactions of guests is attracting many views from fans who get a lot of positive emotions from this channel. 

8. Professorlive 

This man is well-known among the supporters of streetball in America and beyond. After his head-spinning professional career, the Professor has turned his efforts towards YouTube. Nowadays he releases many videos where he is teaching youngsters how to play streetball, and he also often wears a Spider-Man costume as he does it. Also on his channel, Professor analyzes young players and the recent events of the industry. 

9. Dude Perfect

This channel is considered the most famous YouTube profile dedicated to sports. The authors of the channels have been friends since high school and now they rule a huge digital empire, invite top-notch guests and cover the biggest events. All thanks to creativity, talent, and sincere wish to climb up to the top. As they say in their profile, if you like the mix of sport and comedy, you have found the right channel to follow!

10. The Fumble

Sports unlimited! This channel has the whole industry in its focus, including all important events and personalities. Here you can find reports on the Olympics, viral videos, and lists of the most famous happenings in the history of sport. The channel also uploads interesting facts, interviews, and the latest news that impact the whole world of sports fans. 

P.S.: The world-famous channel “Failarmy” also often is considered as the one that covers sports. At some point, they do – even sports stars can get into silly situations. Failarmy collects hilarious and viral videos that reveal that it is impossible to remain serious on 100 percent even if you are a pro.

Along with the channels that cover offline sport, it is important to mention that nowadays people are also following the new spiral – cybersports. This discipline, even though considered immature and not serious among some, has earned its fame with the help of social media. Many people who would even dare to think of this, are now known as experts in the gaming industry. Here are described the most popular channels that can engage devoted gamers. 

11. LOL Esports

This is the biggest channel that embraces the professional leagues of the famous MOBA League Of Legends. Here you will find streams for the latest games of the highest echelon, and many reviews and supporting content that would be interesting for fans. Also, the channel reveals significant personalities that impact the competition and promote the game. 

12. Travis Gafford 

The man completely examines the industry. In his channel, you will see news, reviews, and interviews with celebrities and experts. Travis is a player himself, so he also produces gameplay videos to engage and communicate with his fans. 

13. Thorin

Thorin started his channel in 2009 and has gained a lot of influence since then. He specializes in many games:

  • Starcraft
  • League of legends
  • Overwatch
  • Counter-strike
  • Quake

His other nickname is the Historian of Games because this YouTuber examines deeply each game that he interacts with.

14. BanKs Esports 

This English YouTuber has been involved in gaming since 2003. James Banks is a known lets player and gaming expert throughout the internet. His content includes many genres that are interesting to the wide public. 

15. ESports Talk

This channel on YouTube is dedicated to the industry of cybersports completely. Here you will hear the latest updates on the topic, and meet famous people who are involved in gaming. This channel uploads 10 videos a day, which is an incredible number! ESports Talk has lots of content to offer, which is categorized according to the game. Here you can find videos about LoL, Overwatch, CSGO, Call Of Duty, and other popular titles. 


YouTube is a great platform for people who want to highlight sports. Fans unite through social media, and on YouTube they get a pot of space to explore and discuss their favorite theme. This niche on YouTube is inhabited mostly by established channels and agencies that simply expand their influence further. Hence, there is a lot of free room for new faces who want to get involved in sports events. Many brands are also exploiting this topic, as they specialize in gear and sportswear.

For new bloggers, there are a lot of ideas to choose from. You can get involved in ESports and become a known let’s player, or focus on your favorite kind of physical activity and review the professional leagues as a spectator or expert. A special sphere for development on YouTube is coaching. You can build a career while teaching other people how to do sports like a professional. 

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