Your Weekend in Combat Sports

Your Weekend in Combat Sports


Your Weekend in Combat Sports



As always, programming is listed in EST
Live fights are in BOLD.
Premiere programming is in ITALICS.
MMA programming is in ORANGE.
Boxing programming is in RED.
Kickboxing/Muay Thai/Karate programming is in BLUE.
Wrestling/Jiu Jitsu/Grappling programming is in PURPLE.
Misc./Combination combat sports programming is in GREEN.


Friday July 2

10:00am: 2021 Junior European Wrestling Championships (FloWrestling)
7:00pm: Fury Pro Grappling 1 (UFC Fight Pass)
8:00pm: Titan Fighting Championship 70 (UFC Fight Pass)
9:00pm: Legacy Fighting Alliance 110 (UFC Fight Pass)


Saturday July 3

10:00am: 2021 Junior European Wrestling Championships (FloWrestling)
1:00pm: EMC 7 ($7.99
1:30pm: Back to Business: Trussell vs. Johnson ($9.99
4:00pm: Combat Quest 14 ($9.99
8:00pm: Cage Fury Fighting Championship 98 (UFC Fight Pass)
9:00pm: Inside Fury vs. Wilder III: Part 1 (ESPN)
9:00pm: Chris Colbert vs. Tugstsogt Nyambayar/Jon Fernandez vs. Michel Rivera (Showtime)
9:30pm: UFC Sound Waves: Conor McGregor (ESPN)
10:00pm: UFC 264 Countdown (ESPN)


Sunday July 4

10:00am: 2021 Junior European Wrestling Championships (FloWrestling)
3:00pm: Enfusion 100 ($14.85


Top-10 Viewing Options: Not exactly any Creed vs. Balboa this 4th of July weekend, to say the least.

  1. Chris Colbert vs. Tugstsogt Nyambayar/Jon Fernandez vs. Michel Rivera: Nyambayar is a fill-in for Yuriorkis Gamboa, which is a MUCH better fight.

  2. Legacy Fighting Alliance 110: Two title fights, which is the LFA I know and love.

  3. Cage Fury Fighting Championship 98: Evan Cutts vs. Yohan Lainesse for the welterweight title could end of being the best fight of the weekend.

  4. Titan Fighting Championship 70: Featuring the MMA debut of Jiu-Jitsu superstar and multiple world champion Talita Alencar.

  5. Fury Pro Grappling 1: The folks behind Cage Fury Fighting Championship have launched their own grappling offshoot, and it premieres Friday.

  6. Inside Fury vs. Wilder III: Part 1: The absolutely unnecessary trilogy fight of Fury and Wilder is upon us.

  7. UFC 264 Countdown: And we’re on the road to McGregor-Poirier 3.

  8. Enfusion 100: It’s pricey, and bereft of big names, especially for their 100th show, but if you really need your kickboxing fix, Enfusion is back!

  9. UFC Sound Waves: Conor McGregor: In case, for some ungodly reason, you really haven’t heard Conor talk enough.

  10. 2021 Junior European Wrestling Championships: In case you need a wrestling fix.


4×5: Every week, UCS’s Luke Irwin will list his Top-5 bouts in each of the four major different combat sports that he’s looking forward to the most, regardless of any conventional criteria, merit, or logic.



5. Bantamweight Bout: Dwayne Panka vs. Muhammed Simsek [Enfusion 100]

4. Bantamweight Bout: Berjan Peposhi vs. Cwainy Sebregts [Enfusion 100]

3. Welterweight Bout: Jeroen Van Diemen vs. Mahmoud Sfef [Enfusion 100]

2. Welterweight Bout: Mischa Eradus vs. Mohamed Touchassie [Enfusion 100]

1. Bantamweight Bout: Matthew Daalman vs. Pietje Doorje [Enfusion 100]



5. Vacant NABA/WBO Latino Lightweight Championships: Edwing Davila (21-1) vs. Jesus Eduardo Saracho (8-0) [Televisa]

4. Lightweight Bout: Masayuki Ito (26-3-1) vs. Valentine Hosokawa (25-8-3)

3. IBF World Female Junior Flyweight Championship: Evelyn Nazarena Bermudez (c) (13-0-1) vs. Tamara Elisabet Demarco (9-3)

2. Lightweight Bout: Jon Fernandez (21-1) vs. Michel Rivera (20-0) [PBC on Showtime]

1. Interim WBA World Junior Lightweight Championship: Chris Colbert (c) (15-0) vs. Tugstsogt Nyambayar (12-1) [PBC on Showtime]



5. Middleweight Bout: Christiano Frohlich (10-5) vs. Markus Perez (12-5) [Legacy Fighting Alliance 110]

4. Women’s Strawweight Bout: Staci Vega (0-1-1) vs. Talita Alencar (debut) [Titan Fighting Championship 70]

3. Vacant Titan Fighting Championship Middleweight Championship: Bruno Assis (10-5) vs. Shane O’Shea (4-1) [Titan Fighting Championship 70]

2. Cage Fury Fighting Championship Welterweight Championship: Evan Cutts (c) (12-4) vs. Yohan Lainesse (6-0) [Cage Fury Fighting Championship 98]

1. Interim LFA Flyweight Championship: Charles Johnson (8-2) vs. Yuma Horiuchi (8-3) [Legacy Fighting Alliance 110]



5. 175lb No-Gi Bout: Andrew Kochel vs. Roman Nepota [Fury Pro Grappling 1]

4. 155lb Bout: Dez McDonald vs. Nick Salles [Fury Pro Grappling 1]

3. 165lb Bout: Danny Maira vs. Robbie De La Rionda [Fury Pro Grappling 1]

2. Black Belt No-Gi Bout: Connor Dixon vs. Kyle Myers [Fury Pro Grappling 1]

1. 115lb No-Gi Bout: Danielle Kelly vs. Sofia Amarante [Fury Pro Grappling 1]


Bold, Yet Probably Fruitless Predictions: No real bets to make this weekend, other than if Uncle Randy is leaving the weekend with all of his fingers intact.

Best Fight of the Weekend: Chris Colbert vs. Tugstsogt Nyambayar
Most Underrated Fight of the Weekend: Evan Cutts vs. Yohan Lainesse
If My Life Depended on One Pick: Talita Alencar over Staci Vega
Best Card Top-to-Bottom: Premier Boxing Champions on Showtime
Upset of the Week: Yohan Lainesse over Evan Cutts
Most Disappointing Fight of the Weekend: Danielle Kelly vs. Sofia Amarante

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