Are Athletes allowed to vape?

Are Athletes allowed to vape?

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Are Athletes allowed to vape?


With the turn of the century, one aspect of our lives which has come to the forefront is Sports. Those days are gone when sports were merely a means of recreation and fun. Do not misjudge us. Sports are still fun. But the stakes around the world of sports as a whole have increased manifolds. The competitiveness in athletics has increased drastically over the past few decades. This rise is due to several factors. With this steep rise in globalization, the world of athletics has gotten much-required exposure. Something which was lacking in this domain in the past. This aspect encourages more and more kids. Especially those kids in their childhood who dream of taking up sports as a profession.

The trend is highlighted here, backed up by some stellar numbers. A study reported that more than 19% of the USA population was involved in some form of athletic activity for at least one day of the year back in 2019. It goes to show the athletic and fitness culture which prevails within the country. 

All that glitters is not gold.

Make no mistake whenever you hear about world athletics from now on. Nowadays, it refers to a much broader scope of the world of sports. It is not merely just sprinting and races. Every person aspires to be a sportsman. Be it in soccer, rugby or tennis are required to maintain supreme fitness throughout their journey. The following study by DATA USA further backs this up. It depicts that the number of people joining the domain of ports as a full-time career option has been growing 7% annually. Although, this scenario is perfect for the audience. It is not entirely the same from an athlete standpoint. Athletes of the twenty-first century are under pressure to perform 24/7. Especially with big money being involved rewards, get even higher. The ever-increasing standards and competition push the athletes to the limits. 

The physical strain inflicted on the body is self-explanatory. But another less talked about aspect is the mental strain with this line of work. You are always living on the edge and about to be tipped off a cliff.

How to survive in athletics?

Now that we have got a grasp of the situation. Let us look at the various means availed by the athletes of today to cope with the situation. Some prefer pharmaceutical medication. Others have been falling back onto the means of herbal medicinal drug consumption such as Cannabidiol, Cannabinol, Delta 8, and Kratom-based products, for that matter. Some Sportster on vacation even tend to relax with marijuana-based products during their holidays. It helps them momentarily get away from the daily hustle. It serves to provide a much-needed break from the strenuous daily routine as well.  

Vaping of herbal substances has turned out to be a common phenomenon in athletes. For people who are always busy and bound by strict time schedules and routines. Vaping of herbal alternatives mentioned here does provide satisfactory results. Although, this aspect is not particularly popular in the country yet. Slowly and steadily, it is gathering pace.

Is it safe and legally compliant for athletes to vape?

To answer the questions which are popping up in your brains at this point. Vaping is safe for individuals. For athletes with tremendous physical fitness. There are no such appreciable side effects of vaping available yet.

But from a legal standpoint, the picture is quite different. Vaping is not entirely legal for athletes. There is a justified reason for this as well. Considering athletes make a living out of the performance of their physique. Consumption of substances that can alter the physical stature of an athlete is not legal. These measures are put in place to ensure everyone has a level playing field when competing. It eventually increases the thrill and excitement for the end audiences.

We are all aware that athletes very often are subjected to doping tests. The standard protocol of practice (SPOP) says that an individual participating in any competitive sports competition must undergo mandatory drug and doping tests before the beginning of the tournament. It further states that any individual gets random appointments for a rapid drug test during any stage of an ongoing competition. When called for, the individual athlete has to get themselves tested and acquitted within the records. Failure to do so can lead to monetary penalties for the individual, a fine, and other implications on the entire team in team sports. An individual does not comply with the Committee for Sports in the United States of America (CSU). It holds the right to suspend the individual from the field of sports for as long as they deem necessary. 

So, as you can probably guess by now, consuming various substances can land you in a heap of trouble. The outcomes of non-compliance are severe and can leave a long-lasting impact on the career of an individual. 

Can Vaping be allowed in some cases?

We have listed a few cases below where an athlete can be allowed to vape. They are as follows: 

  • During offseason Vacations 

Every season both the NFL and EPL go on for nine months. The remaining three months are a vacation to the Sportster. It is when you can vape away bulk vape juice to calmness as per the wishes.

  • For approved treatment procedures shaping

Organic substances can be handy under certain specific types of injuries. A list of such permissible situations is available easily on the websites of the regulatory bodies. Although, no one expects that one gets injured. But having said that, it does come with its own sets of perks.

  • For treatment of clinically detectable levels of depression

One situation where vaping and consumption of substances is legally permissible for athletes is the treatment of clinically detectable levels of depressions. Several organizations around the world now prescribe organic herbals and their vaping to overcome depression.

  • After retirement

One situation where you are free from all rules and regulations is after retirement from your respective domain, and no more drug and doping tests to attend. You can easily set your life’s pace on your wish with vaping.


Athletics is not just about running as nowadays players in other sports have to be top athletes. It includes keeping your body and mind in perfect shape. Better physical health leads to an increase in confidence, resulting in better results. Natural and safe vaping will only be more normalized now as more awareness spreads among the population and drug control authorities. The vaping market expansion will only help athletes in the future.

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