Top 7 PC Strategy Games

Top 7 PC Strategy Games


Top 7 PC Strategy Games


Strategy games are definitely one of the most played genres on PC. They guarantee entertaining gameplay integrated with a lot of game factors like storytelling and RPG, which prevent players from finding them boring and repetitive. The problem, however, lies with the high possibility of being overwhelmed due to the number of choices. To help you with this, below are some of the most recommended strategy games that you can look into, then explore and make progress in.

Aug 25, 2019; Detroit, MI, USA; Team Liquid Jake Puchero plays during the LCS Summer Finals event against Cloud9 at Little Caesars Arena. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

1. Starcraft II

The first strategy game on our list is Starcraft II. It is developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and it has been one of the most loved science fiction games. Generally, it is composed of 2 series:

  • Wings of Liberty – Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty was released in mid-2010. This is the base part of the said game.
  • Legacy of the Void  on the other hand, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void is more of an expansion pack, except that it can stand alone. It integrated more game modes and better features compared to the former.

In a nutshell, you can expect scenes inspired by intergalactic warfare between humans, superspecies, and technologically advanced species, or Terrans, Zerg and Protoss in-game terms, respectively. For game modes, four are available: Story Campaign, Versus Mode, Co-Op Missions and Arcade Games, each having its own characteristics. If you love this game and you like watching it, you can also do Starcraft 2 betting at online gaming facilities.

2. Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III is the latest update in the Crusader Kings series. It was developed by Paradox Interactive. A lot of players looked forward to this pre-release because of its new game features and more improved settings. This game is more of a roleplay, wherein community people, such as nobles and families, assassinate each other for the purpose of achieving their missions. The best thing about the current version is that it gives more control to the user. Characters can choose more lifestyle trees, progress through them and unlock unique abilities throughout. Crusader Kings III is ideal for those who like a traditional RPG setup and occasional funny events.

3. Total War: Three Kingdoms

Next up, we have Total War: Three Kingdoms. It is set as historical fiction, specifically in China’s Three Kingdoms era. Here, one can take part in battles, landscaping and engaging dialogues with the protagonists and antagonists of the story. It is somehow similar to Crusader Kings, except that this game focuses more on how you can build the next great dynasty by gathering the best resources that you can find. By resources, it refers to the character fronts like those relating to military, technology, politics and economics. It is free to play, but players have an option to upgrade it to the premium version for more features.

Aug 25, 2019; Detroit, MI, USA; Team Liquid celebrates after winning the LCS Summer Finals event as Eric Ritchie of Cloud9 reacts on the big screen at Little Caesars Arena. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

4. Civilization VI

Civilization VI by Sid Meier is a turn-based strategy game. This one is also based on history, particularly on the evolution of man. What you have to do here is to strive to build an empire and lead people to establish a civilized community. You have to go through the Stone Age to the Information Age. There are quite a lot of expansion packs available for the PC version. Below are some that you can avail:

  • Babylon Pack
  • New Frontier Pass
  • Byzantium & Gaul Pack
  • Rise and Fall
  • Gathering Storm

The game can also be played through Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Civilization VI’s most significant improvement is its map expansion, which is 4 times larger than the previous versions. New research modes, potentials and historical traits are some of the advancements too. There are five ways to achieve victory in the game, all of which require their own journeys.

5. Endless Legend

The next game on our list is Amplitude Studio’s Endless Legend. It revolves around Auriga, your character’s Homeworld. The player has to “make his own legend,” as the game states. Auriga is said to come up with another apocalypse, the sixth time without any explanation at all. As the ruler, you have to look for ways on how the world can survive through the said unfortunate event. Apart from finding the source for basic needs such as food, industries, wealth and research innovation, it is also one of the player’s goals to uncover the secrets and mysteries of the planet.

6. Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Triumph Studios has recently released their latest video game, Age of Wonders: Planetfall. This is a combination of empire-building and science fiction. In the game, the player discovers a fallen galactic empire. It becomes his mission to find out the history behind it by exploring the site, engaging with the rival empires and looking for clues that will possibly lead to concrete answers. There are a lot of paths toward victory. It will be your choice if you want to focus on technological advances or social development. Each task and choice that you will make will affect your empire’s condition.

7. Homeworld

The last game that we will discuss is Homeworld, a real-time strategy game. It was released by Relic Entertainment in late 1999. It went into a second release event in 2015, along with a remastered version.

The setting of the game takes place in space. There, a feud between the Kushan, which are the exiled Hilgarans, and the Taiidan Empire is happening. While the former party aims to locate their long-lost Homeworld, the latter aims to prevent them from achieving their goal. The general mission of the player is to collect resources, build their manpower, along with their satellite, in order to damage, and over time, defeat the enemy ships.


The strategy games above have some of the most remarkable ratings from Steam and Metacritic, both popular gaming platforms. Some are so known that they have become a staple of esports betting. These are worth looking into because, despite the regular strategy type, their plots, characters and missions greatly differ from most of its competitors. Of course, you don’t have to limit your choices to just one. You can try each, as most of them are free to play, and find which ones suit you the most.

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