The Top 3 Players In Euro 2020

The Top 3 Players In Euro 2020


The Top 3 Players In Euro 2020


One of the most anticipated games of the entire year is definitively the EURO 2020 which happens every four years. This European Championship is nothing more than one of the most important football competitions in the entire European Union. Therefore, when the time comes for this game to take place, all eyes are on the field and all bets are secured and placed on the favorite team. 

Nevertheless, some soccer enthusiasts even place bets on their favorite players. Not only because they are good enough to lead an entire team to a championship, but because they are the favorite players in the league. Often some sports fans have more faith in a player than in the entire team, and once you know where your favorite player is playing, there are no doubts in mind on who people are rooting for. 

The calendar euro 2021 is one of the most acclaimed sites for fans to be able to find game schedules and calendars for the upcoming games so that people can place their bets with time, beforehand. This game is more than a famous tournament, it is the day where the ultimate best teams and players have to face each other to decide who is the best one.

So who are the top 3 players in the Euro 2020?

While the list of players is quite extensive, only three have made it to the top of the list as everyone’s favorites. Therefore whenever you are placing a bet on a team at the Euro Cup, make sure that at least one of these teams has one of these top players playing with them.

1) Romelu Lukaku

July 10, 2018; St. Petersburg, Russia; Belgium forward Romelu Lukaku (9) looks on during the first half in the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup 2018 against France at Saint Petersburg Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports

The forward player from Belgium, Romelu Lukaku is now one of the most renowned players in the entire European Football Association. Not only has he played in the Euro 5 times, but he scored 4 goals during his trajectory here. At only 28 years old, he is one of the most looked at players in the entire world.

2) Cristiano Ronaldo

There isn’t a single football enthusiast who hasn’t heard of the Juventus player, Cristiano Ronaldo. From the A Italian series, this portuguese player has now become captain of his team. He has played in numerous games, but among everything, he has participated in the Eurocup 4 times now and scored 5 goals there.

3) Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling is a British football player who plays forward in the Manchester City team. He is from the Premier League in the UK and at only 26 years old, he has become one of the most famous players in the entire league.

It is safe to say that the pressure is on the shoulders of these super-star players. They not only are the hope of the team, now they are the focus of all fans and admirers who look after this game.

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