These Twins can't hurt us anymore

These Twins can't hurt us anymore


These Twins can't hurt us anymore


Do you want me to summarize the first half the season for you? I suppose I can, but it’s definitely not going to take a full post. It sucked. But tomorrow, the sun will rise on another game on the schedule, the start of te second half. The first half of the season is behind us.

Looming. Haunting.

But now, all we have ahead of us is baseball, with no demands or expectations. Tomorrow, we will see Charlie Barnes pitch for the first time, and it doesn’t matter if the Twins win or lose. Instead of the pressure of whether or not Barnes can help buoy the rotation the rest of the way, we just get to enjoy a guy having his moment in the sun.

I’ve been a season ticket holder for a while now, and I can honestly say that some of my more enjoyable game experiences are the late season games in the beginning of the 2010’s. There were pleasant surprises that you could really appreciate, because they stood out, and without the concern of a playoff race, the granular, daily nature of the game stood out and gained in value.

If you like baseball, then it’s still fun to go to games. You can look at each game for itself, each player for the at bat they currently are in, and let it go when it’s over. Enjoy a beer, have a hot dog. Watch the game and know that it doesn’t matter if Alex Colome comes in.

No matter how bad the team is for the rest of the way, they can’t be in a worse situation than they already are for 2021. They can’t miss the playoffs doubly. The rest of the season, if you want to put some weight on it, is getting the team ready for 2022. Enjoy prospects and experience building at the ball park.

The good news is, this team has failed to live up to expectations, so now, with our expectations low, we are far more likely to be satisfied from day to day.

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