How Much It Cost to Develop Sports Betting Website Like Bet365

How Much It Cost to Develop Sports Betting Website Like Bet365


How Much It Cost to Develop Sports Betting Website Like Bet365


The sports betting industry is constantly growing, and it has also moved to a more digitized form. Sports mobile apps are a new stage in the evolution, and they are getting more popular among users worldwide. According to the statistics, the global market size of online gambling is forecasted to comprise over $92.9 billion by 2023 and will double in the next few years. 

Many businesses realize that it is an excellent time to introduce custom betting software. But the cost to set up a gambling website like bet365 is a crucial factor to consider. If you want to know more about the specifics of this industry and development process, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will give you more insight into the sports betting website development cost. There are many peculiarities to consider in football sports betting software development. A case study of the project The Football Pools shows that presenting top-level software is challenging for both businesses and development companies.

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The most popular sports betting apps

Before we start discussing the process and the cost of developing a sports betting website, let’s look at the most outstanding solutions available. 


Now, there are two applications available under this name. The first one is quite an ordinary sports betting app with all the essential features like updates, statistics, etc. In comparison, the second one exchanges user bets and prizes. We can’t say that such an app division is a beneficial choice. Still, this app has a wide audience. 

William Hill 

This is a top-ranked iOS app. It is popular due to its appealing design and unique features like betting insurance. This mobile application offers in-play markets and excellent odds rates. 


In this article, we are going to focus on this successful app. It offers users a more comprehensive range of in-play markets, allowing them to watch live games and events. Its intuitive navigation and functional design attract more and more users. 

Features that influence the sports betting website cost

Now that you know who to compete with let’s consider the key gambling application features. Before you start the development process, you need to realize that the functionality directly affects the cost to develop a sports betting website like bet365. If you plan to utilize an MVP approach, it is essential to divide the features into must-haves and additional ones. 

We created a basic feature set for the user side to take into account:

  • User register. This is the very first process users deal with. Ensure it is fast and effortless. For an increased user experience, you can use login via social media accounts and password restoring. 
  • Real-time scores. It is crucial to keep the users updated and help them analyze teams and players.
  • Tips and suggestions. Guiding users is always valuable and adding them increases their experience with your app. However, make sure not to overdo it. 
  • Push notifications. Inform your users about updates and their betting results instantly. Include support of many languages to expand your audience.
  • Game schedule. Inform your users about calendars and match schedules, providing them with exact dates and times. Thus, they can plan their activity.
  • User chats. Live communication between users is a must-have for such applications. Pay attention to language settings for multilingual apps. Add the admin help function in case of issues or queries.
  • Choosing betting models. Involve different betting models offered by your sports betting app. 
  • Choosing sports and players. Include this opportunity and add all the necessary information about each team, player, and sport. It will help users make more informed choices.

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Monetization strategy and the cost to make a gambling app

Before you move on to building your solution and hiring a development services partner, you should define how your app will gain revenue. Consider these common approaches:

  • Subscription
  • Advertisements
  • Freemium
  • In-app purchases 
  • Sponsorship

Finally, how much does it cost to build a website like bet365?

It is impossible to forecast the exact price tag. However, if you want to create a solution with a similar feature set to Bet365, we have a few pieces of advice. 

First, if you want to present your app on numerous platforms, opt for a tech stack that enables creating different solutions within a single codebase. This will significantly optimize your time-to-market and cost to create a sports betting app. 

We recommend defining your target users before you start the development process. Simply trying to convince the audience of market giants to use your app isn’t likely to result in success. Single out the unique needs of your future audience.

We hope this article sheds some more light on the features and cost of building a sports betting website like bet365. Remember that a reliable development partner is your key to success.

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