How to Start a Fantasy E-Sports League

How to Start a Fantasy E-Sports League


How to Start a Fantasy E-Sports League


Although fantasy eSports have been around since the early 2000s, they are only just beginning to enter the mainstream. In fact, many people still do not know what fantasy eSports are. The term eSports is short for electronic sports. It refers to competitions where teams or individuals compete against one another using video games. Players pick their team of players and hope they perform better than other teams throughout the duration of an eSports event. Teams get points for map wins, game wins, kills, tournament wins, and other in-game achievements. If a fantasy e-sports team manages to outperform all of the other teams in the competition, they win a share of the prize money. 

While playing fantasy eSports is a great deal of fun, lots of gamers dream of starting their own fantasy eSports league. But how do you start a fantasy eSports league? If you want to know how to start your own fantasy eSports league, you have come to the right place. Here are some of our top tips to help you get started:

1. Play Some Fantasy eSports Games

Before deciding whether to start a league, it is a good idea to play some fantasy eSports games online to make sure that you enjoy playing these types of games. There are lots of amazing online casinos that offer eSports games to their players including casino en ligne Canada

2. Follow Your Dreams

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The fact is that most people go through their entire lives without following their dreams, so the first piece of advice we can give you is to follow your dreams. While starting a fantasy eSports league may not be simple, it is worth the effort in the long run.

3. Decide Whether You Want to Go it Alone

The first thing you need to consider before starting a league is whether you want to do it on your own, or whether you want a co-founder to help you. There are pros and cons to both. If you can find someone who has a similar vision to you, having a co-founder could reduce the time spent on setting up the league. However, not everyone will have the same views as you. 

4. Determine the League Format

Before creating a fantasy eSports league, you will need to determine the league format. For example, if we consider the game League of Legends, you will need to be aware that the format for this game is five players per team. So, if you want to hold a proper competition, you will need at least ten players to enter (five players on each team).  

5. Determine the Legal Stuff for the League

This is often the part that puts people off starting their own league. However, do not let it stop you. Setting up a league is not as difficult as you would expect – you simply need to understand the legal requirements involved. There are lots of online legal resources to help you. 

6. Get Financing for Your League

TAP Esports Center in Edison has been bringing gamers together since it opened with COVID safety, snacks and the latest games and consoles.
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Setting up a league can be expensive, so it is important to ensure that you have enough financial backing before you begin. There are lots of ways you can get financing, for example, you could find a private investor, or you could consider crowdfunding for the money. 

7. Create a website

In this internet-driven world, having a good quality website is an important part of building the brand of a fantasy eSports league. If you do not create a website, people will not be able to find out information about your league

8. Start Your League

Once you have completed all of the above, the final step is to start your own league. 

Most gamers dream of having their own eSports league. However, a lot of them choose not to start one as they think it will be too complicated. The good news is that starting a fantasy eSports league is easier than you would think. Simply follow our advice above and you will have your own league in no time. 

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