Statue of Mike Hawk Emerges on UND Campus

Statue of Mike Hawk Emerges on UND Campus

North Dakota

Statue of Mike Hawk Emerges on UND Campus


Last week, UND fan Max Lovell tweeted a picture of this statue. Lovell’s tweet elicited some interesting responses. I was intrigued and had to see it myself. Last night, on my bike ride, I was able to locate the statue in question. Honestly, I don’t hate it.

Yes, it’s true. I can confirm. There’s a shiny new statue of the UND mascot Mike Hawk standing behind the University of North Dakota student union. How big is the new statute? I am 5-foot-9 and the statue is quite taller than I am.

Update: I had people ask me if the UND mascot is really named Mike Hawk. Just my two cents. I’ve heard the mascot referred to as Mike Hawk by some. Honestly, I have no idea what the mascot’s actual name is?

I get it. Many UND fans hate the Fighting Hawks nickname and the Fighting Hawks mascot. I’ve always gotten a kick out of the goofy mascot. It’s also been a big hit with the kids. Maybe we’re not the audience. Finally, I don’t blame the University for wanting to market the mascot.

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