The Monday Bulletin

The Monday Bulletin


The Monday Bulletin



A quick snapshot at the week that was.


Biggest Upset: Raufeon Stots +310 over Magomed Magomedov


Notable New Champions:

  • WBA Continental Featherweight Champion: Raymond Ford
  • WBC International Bantamweight Champion: Ukashir Farooq
  • WBC Silver Bantamweight Champion: Jason Moloney


Going Forward:

  1. What a Dick: The WBA and judge Gloria Martinez Rizzo faced some hot water after their baffling robbery of Mykal Fox against Gabriel Maestre, with some alleging there could be a nationalist or racist bias against Fox, which is completely ridic–what’s that? I’m being handed something.
  2. The Greatest Sanctioning Body in the History of Mankind: Speaking of the beloved World Boxing Association, they’re really gonna do it, you guys! For serious this time! Not as many titles! They’re going to willingly do away with all their sham sanctioning fees! For cereal, you guys!
  3. Out of Politics, Into the Ring: We have a new “UFC fighter gets into the boxing ring” spectacle fight, and BOY, is it a good one! Anderson Silva, fresh off of a win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., an actual world champion, faces off in the squared circle against…former city councilman Tito goddamned Ortiz. Dear lord.

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