A Cup Of Piping Hot Petty

A Cup Of Piping Hot Petty


A Cup Of Piping Hot Petty


It’s always good to play spoiler. But playing spoiler against the Yankees brings about an existential crisis here in town for Mets fans. I mean, we always get tagged with being petty for taking a lot of pleasure in the failures across town while our season is so lovingly mediocre. Enjoy it too much, and look pathetic in the process.

But I’ll allow myself a cup of piping hot petty, but only a small one. And I’ll only say two things on the Mets’ 10-3 victory that would come from that cup: First off, the Mets are now 3-1 against the Yankees this season. If they win tomorrow or Sunday night, they will have outright won the season series for only the 4th time since interleague play began. The other years: 2013 (when the Yankees missed the playoffs), 2008 (when the Yankees missed the playoffs), and 2004 when the Yankees made the playoffs, but choked away a 3-0 lead to Boston in the ALCS. So the lesson here is this: losing to our funky asses is your first sign that your team might not be as good as they think you are. The Yankees had better hope that they sweep the weekend

Second is this: Better them than us, for once. There have been a lot of days lately where it is the Mets’ ineptitude that leads to endless chatter on talk radio, and debate shows on SNY. But for the next 24 hours, the questions will be around the Yankees, and most notably Gary Sanchez. There’s no more question surrounding the Mets, as they’re finished. But the Yankees are perilously hanging on to a wild card spot after getting swept by the Blue Jays in a four game series without having the lead. The Mets spotted them their first lead in five days in the first inning. But then in the bottom of the inning, this happened:

The media is going to have a field day with that one. And that’s fine because, again, better them than us, for once.

The Yankees bore more gifts in the third inning. Down 2-1, the Mets went to work. After loading the bases on a single by Jonathan Villar and two walks, Pete Alonso worked the count 3-1, then swung at a high fastball. Keeping in mind that he had the count 3-0 in the first and swung through the next three pitches to go down (including pitches out of the zone on 3-0 and 3-2), it wasn’t surprising that Jordan Montgomery would go up high again on 3-2. But Alonso laid off that high pitch to walk in a run, and seemed extremely jacked to have taken that pitch, almost as if he was relieved. That tied the game at 2-2.

Then Gio Urshela made a nice diving play on a Javy Báez sharp grounder while playing in, but Urshela threw the ball wide and it got away from Sanchez for an error on Urshela (but to be real, Sanchez could have caught that ball) to make it 3-2. Then, the most shocking moment of the game, and the one that told you that this one might go our way:

The hell was that? And where was this all season???

The Mets tacked on two more runs on a sac fly and a James McCann RBI double (after Báez was picked off trying to catch Montgomery napping) to make it 6-2. Then Francisco Lindor led off the 4th with a solo home run tucked into the right field corner to make it 7-2 and knock Montgomery out, and that was pretty much your ballgame. After giving up a couple of runs in the first two innings, Tylor Megill was excellent, going seven innings and striking out ten Yankees. It’s bound to be a low point for the Yankees, but for the Mets it was a rare stress free win without the burden of controversy attached.

Better them than us, for one night. The petty tastes good.

Today’s Hate List

  1. FOX Sports.
  2. They already set up their pre-game tent for tomorrow’s game, which they are airing.
  3. Left their flood light on, which distracted the hitters in the first inning, and causing a delay.
  4. Great job, you ruined a game that you weren’t even airing. That takes realy work.
  5. Also, Trea Turner.

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