The Three Best Bets for PFL Million Dollar Finals

The Three Best Bets for PFL Million Dollar Finals

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The Three Best Bets for PFL Million Dollar Finals


While a stacked UFC card awaits us this Saturday at UFC 267, there is plenty of MMA action this week as well. Tuesday brought the penultimate episode of the Contender Series and Wednesday is the PFL million dollar finals. Today, we take a peek at some of the best bets for Wednesday’s action to get you to the weekend.

***Odds courtesy of FanDuel

Ray Cooper III (+164) over Magomed Magomedkarimov

This is the rematch a lot of people have been hoping for over the last few years. After Magomedkarimov caught Cooper with a guillotine in the 2018 million dollar finals, they were set again to fight in the playoffs for 2019. An illness pulled Magomedkarimov and left us waiting to see the rematch three years later.

Although the Russian picked up the win the first time, Cooper has made big improvements. The biggest of them is the style of fight we saw against Rory MacDonald. While way less violent, and perhaps less fun to watch, Cooper executed a game-plan and showed just how good he can be. I think if he does that here, he has all the skills to beat Magomedkarimov.

Movlid Khaybulaev (-200) over Chris Wade

Chris Wade’s second wind through the PFL ranks has been really fun to watch. However, both seasons of PFL, and his UFC career for that matter, were halted by people who could outwork him on the ground. Khaybulaev has the ability to do that but also has the ability to turn the lights off standing. With two different ways to win and a clear advantage in both of those realms, I like the -200 line for him.

Antonio Carlos Junior (-200) over Marthin Hamlet

It was pretty clear when Shoeface came over to PFL that he was going to have a grappling advantage over just about anyone they set in front of him. Hamlet should be no different. After watching Hamlet get rear-naked choked by Cory Hendricks, who is not nearly the grappler that Carlos Junior is, I think this is going to be fast and painless.

The caveat on this one is that Hamlet should have the striking advantage, so this pick is a little harder to love than the Khaybulaev one. Nevertheless, I still think -200 has value.


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