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3 Basic Rules Every Baseball Beginner Should Know

Watching baseball on TV or being around the players before doesn’t automatically make you a baseball pro. If you are a youth baseball player or you’ve only recently been interested in baseball you have to understand some rules.

The same way you need to understand the terms and conditions laid down by personal injury Vancouver bc before hiring them, you have to understand the baseball rules for you to enjoy the game:

The Equipment

You should ensure that you have the right equipment before stepping into the field to play baseball. You also have to wear the proper safety gear. With baseball, the likelihood of accidents and injuries is really high, so it is essential to wear the required protective gear while playing.

For the defense, you will have to put on a leather contraption in hand and baseball gloves for catching the ball. The baseball is a three inches diameter with red stitching. The offenses use a bat made of composite material or wood. The wood bats are used mostly in professional competitions, and the composite bats are meant for amateur practice sessions.

The Field

The field is divided into different sections. Next to the bases in the infield while the grassy farther part I the outfield. In the professional leagues, the bases are set on the diamond 90 feet apart. The foul territory is the ground between the white lines bordering the field that connect the home-plate to third base and the first base-home plate.

While playing, the players are required to stay in their specific positions. The defenses and offenses remain on respective opposite sides. The offense has freedom of selecting the side of the home plate when batting to bat from. The batter playing offense needs to make sure that both their feet are within the batting box when hitting the ball.


The area between the knees and shoulders of the batter is what describes the striking zone. When the batter fails to make a swing a pitch that crosses the plate inside the striking zone the strike is termed as an umpire.

It is also an umpire when the batter misses a swing at the pitch or when the batter hits the ball with less than two strikes beyond the bounds against him or her. The batter gets out after getting three strikes, and another batter enters the plate for a chance at striking the ball.

However, there is no restriction or limit to the total number of the foul ball the player can hit if he or she has two strikes. When the batter gets four balls when playing, he walks to the first base. If the batter walks after four balls, or hits the ball and proceeds to first bases in fair territory, or when a pitch hits the batter is referred to as a runner. He or she is also referred to as a runner if the catcher drops third strike.


When you entirely under these three rules, you will understand the duration and scoring of the play after a few games. A standard game lasts door nine innings, and you will also find out more about the baseball scoresheet.

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