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3 Ways To Make Being A Sports Fan Your Side Hustle

Most of us probably missed the mark on our aspirations of ever playing the league. Hell, maybe even some of us had dreams of just working in sports, only to find out how competitive of an industry being in the front offices can be as well. Yes, sports is not an easy sector to just hop right in, unless of course, you learn how to hustle on your own.

As a fan, this seems like an impossible task. After all, how exactly are you supposed to make money just by watching or paying attention to sports culture? You see, it’s not necessarily about just being a fan, but the knowledge and understanding of the game that comes with it. And for that, there are quite a few hustles to earn some extra cash. Check them out below:

Looking For High Stakes

While last year we saw the meteoric rise and fall of daily fantasy sports, betting on games is still a widespread practice. Although there’s going to need to be some recovery from the bot problem faced with DFS, but with steady improvements, these games are looking to regain being a staple for the sports community. In the meantime, however, there are still a lot of ways to bet on sports and earn big.

Even if you’re not in Vegas, plenty of states have started to ease into the gambling industry. For example, campaigns like Progress for Maine are looking to have an entertainment hub for the North East, something that could potentially be worth keeping an eye on considering the tech and sports hub of Boston. As sports are still protected on a federal level for gambling, studying up, knowing the matchups, and how up-to-date news all play a role could be a very fruitful endeavor to participate in the games you love.

Become A Collector

Even though most sports fans have one or two things laying around that might be considered collectibles, this hustle is actually a pretty big business. As noted in Forbes, memorabilia alone is a $370 billion industry, with sports taking a significant chunk of that. Granted, a big portion of the sports market is high dollar items worth in the millions (I.E, Muhammad Ali’s gloves) but you’d be surprised at what value you might be able to collect on something before an athlete reaches superstardom.

Take a look at the players you think have the most potential at a collegiate or semi-pro level and try to land autographs on gear. Additionally, show up to games where the occurrence of getting a fly ball or even practice jersey might be up for grabs, especially in a high-stakes game that others might tend to overlook. The goal here is to find things to sit on for awhile, because the more history dictates that moment as legendary, the higher the price you can charge for a good. Finally, go after the items you genuinely are excited to keep around, as the passion you have for this will likely be what drives you to keep going forward.

Get Thrifty With It

Over the past few years, the thrifting industry has absolutely transformed, with sports items a seemingly untapped market. According to the National Association of Resale Professionals, the thrifting industry alone is worth more than $17 billion, which is a pretty significant chunk of change. A lot of this stuff attributes to things like high-end boutiques that sell second hand, but overall, the market is there for athletic gear. Plus, this is an excellent way to learn how to make money at home.

Now, while a lot of Goodwills and other thrift stores are filled with sports t-shirts, hats, or jackets, a lot of them aren’t worth picking up. The biggest sellers are going to be things like vintage goods, especially those that are original to the styles recycled now. Furthermore, the goods should be in good, if not great shape. Having a hole here and there isn’t too bad, but the important aspect is to ask yourself if it’s wearable and fits according to size. And finally, these should be items that you too find cool to wear, or even has a story to it (I.E, A vintage t-shirt from a championship season or old nickname/logo).

The trend of sports gear isn’t going away anytime soon, and if you’re looking to make some extra cash in the industry you love, it’s best you start paying attention.


What’re some ways you’ve made money with sports as a side hustle? Comment with your insights below.

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