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5 Amazing Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bike

Like several other cardiovascular exercise pieces of equipment, a recumbent bike can definitely provide a great workout – assuming you can put decent effort into it. Lounging back and casually peddling while listening to your favorite classical tune and flipping through a magazine may not be enough to help you achieve maximum intensity to reap its fitness benefits by elevating your heart rate. But if you can crank up that resistance and keep an intense yet steady cadence, this bike could help train your heart, improve your strength on the lower body and burn calories. Recumbent bikes are packed with several features that other stationary bikes lack; and the available models are much more beneficial not just in terms of the ease of use but also when it comes to safety and effectiveness. The following are the benefits of recumbent exercise bikes.


Affordability is probably one of the main reasons why recumbent bikes have grown in popularity. There are scores of amazing models available, most in different designs and although they range in price, they are all quite affordable. While with other equipment you may end up paying so much more yet fail to use them, this a very valuable investment for which you get a great, exhaustive workout. Read the top recumbent & upright stationary bike reviews here. In truth, you should have the best items worth more effectiveness and high performance.

More Comfort

The semi reclining position of the recumbent bike together with a larger seat and a backrest make it an option more comfortable than the upright alternative. In the past, people have complained about experiencing pain on the lower back caused by the smaller seats on upright bikes. Similarly, you are likely to get tired or have your back strained due to the lack of back support. A recumbent bike eliminates all these issues, placing lesser strain on the knees and hips. This also makes it a great option for physically impaired people and those suffering from arthritis or other similar complications.

Extended Workout

Given the comfort of a recumbent bike, it is generally easier and more fun to use which makes it easier to stick to your workout routine. Athletes can extend training sessions largely therefore allowing them speed up the process of weight loss by burning more calories. Because it offers an entirely pain-free experience while riding, the machine is convenient even for obese and old people. Since the machines tend to be relatively low, they are exceptionally easy to hop on and get off. The ergonomic features on recumbent bikes make them excellent fitness equipment and the smoothest way you can re-embark on your fitness routine even after an injury or accident. Also, as compared to upright models, they tend to offer enough preset programs thereby providing more varied training sessions. Some come with a pretty wide array of programs and resistance levels that offer various terrain types not provided by other machines

Targeting More Muscles

While some people consider riding recumbent bikes a lazy option, they actually target even more muscles as compared to upright bikes. Athletes can realize significant improvements in their calves, hips, lower legs, thighs, butt and hip muscles in a matter of a couple of weeks of continuous use. As a matter of fact, from a one-hour session, you can burn up at least 900 calories on high intensity, thereby accounting for a significant weight loss ultimately. On a rather more practical note, recumbent bikes also require much lesser maintenance than most other models. Also, they’re more reliable, with sturdier and stronger pedals. With adequate care, they can easily last an entire lifetime, providing you with genuine value for your money.


The comfort of recumbent bikes has an additional feature to it – safety. They are considered to be far safer and as such can typically be used in rehab facilities as well. The fact that they offer a larger seat, back support and are lower to the ground makes them easy to get off. Rather than having to slouch over handlebars and expose yourself to pains and body aches, they are designed to give you a more relaxing option of lying on your back while working out. Thanks to its ergonomically shaped seats, the nigh unavoidable backaches you get after an intense cycling session are nothing to worry about. A recumbent bike also keeps your feet at the same level as your body, placing lesser tension on joints thereby limiting the risk of injuries. All those workout-related issues can be avoided if not eliminated entirely by a proper high-quality recumbent bike.

Closing Remarks

A recumbent bike definitely makes for a great workout option provided you can find your way around it. However, while taking on a new workout routine is an excellent start, you also need to note that recumbent bike exercises are so much better when paired with adequate workout and proper nutrition habits though they’re still an awesome starting point. If you’ve fallen out of shape or are not so used to exercising, this could be the most reliable solution for you for all the aforementioned reasons.

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