5 Reasons to Do a Tough Mudder in 2017

5 Reasons to Do a Tough Mudder in 2017

5 Reasons to Do a Tough Mudder in 2017

While many find Tough Mudder as one of the most exciting events/activities to try this year, 2017, it is also not a secret that the entire experience is nerve-wracking. It involves a few obstacles that require you to crawl under a barbed wire, leap through bonfires, wriggle through narrow tunnels, and scramble close to vertical mudslides.

With the many challenges and obstacles that you will need to expose yourself to once you decide to participate in Tough Mudder, it is safe to say that you start thinking of it as the toughest challenge or event today. However, take note that participating in this event comes with it plenty of benefits.

It offers you a memorable, exciting and self-satisfying experience. If you are still deciding whether you should try Tough Mudder, then here are five of the most viable reasons why you should do it.

Reason #1 – It is fun.

Yes, it comes with a few challenges and obstacles but no one can deny the fact that the event is extremely fun and exciting. Most of those who participated and successfully completed Tough Mudder rave about how fun and memorable their experience was. It is also a fun activity to try, especially if you want to challenge yourself and get in shape.

It is exciting as you will never have an idea what you will encounter and what obstacle you need to conquer next. You will not also know how long you will stay dry. The many challenges that you need to conquer, including carrying heavy logs, crawling through mud that’s under barbed wires, and climbing human pyramids, make it even more fun.

At the end of the event, you might feel exhaustion. There are even instances when you will suffer from minor injuries. However, you’ll feel like everything is worth it because of the high level of self-satisfaction it provides. Finishing it is definitely rewarding.

Reason #2 – Lets you help a good cause

While Tough Mudder is literally new, it has already earned a good reputation, especially in terms of helping others. Deciding to be a Mudder means that you will have to put others before yourself, particularly those who put their lives at risk to help keep a country and its people safe and free.

You can use Tough Mudder to raise money for those who serve the country, especially the ones who just returned home. It is possible by organizing a Tough Mudder event. Just make sure that you really know exactly the cause you want to help so you won’t end up getting so confused over how you should organize things.

Reason #3 – A good bonding activity

Another reason for participating in Tough Mudder is that it is a great bonding activity with your friends or colleagues. With Tough Mudder, you will definitely enjoy a day outdoors with your friends, colleagues, family, or teammates. It is different from the traditional running race.

It is an obstacle race, making it completely unique. The event can also strengthen your relationship with your mates. It is mainly because most of the obstacles require you to help others, such as when climbing walls or completing certain tasks, you should have a good pair of Tough Mudder shoes to keep your feet safe. Since the whole event involves helping each other, strengthening your bond is possible.

The obstacles composing Tough Mudder can also level out the abilities of your teammates a bit. For instance, you can use the ability of one of your friends if he is a good runner while the other one should be on pull-up obstacles if that’s his strength.

Your abilities will be efficiently balanced out, letting everyone help each other conquer the obstacles. It is all about teamwork and camaraderie. That said, it is no longer surprising if many consider it as a hub for positivity in humans and a good way to establish a good bond with other people.

Reason #4 – Lets you do something extraordinary

Do you want to share a lot of exciting stories? Then try Tough Mudder. As mentioned earlier, it is composed of several obstacles that you need to conquer. What other extraordinary events you should try than conquering such obstacles? Most of the challenges in the event are also results of pure creativity.

In addition, they are known to test the abilities of your body. That said, the whole experience is definitely something that you can take pride in, allowing you to share an exceptional and extraordinary story to the people around you.

Reason #5 – Promotes happiness

While it involves difficult obstacles, Tough Mudder can also promote happiness. Expect to achieve that, especially once you start to help others. The teamwork, camaraderie, and relationships you established during the event will definitely produce a surge of happy hormones that will last for a long time.


There are several reasons why Tough Mudder is a must-try activity this 2017. Engage all your senses and enjoy all the benefits that this event can offer through your participation.